LOTRO Store Sales 03/7/14 – 03/17/14

Free Sample Of The Week
March 7th – 13th
Sturdy Steel Key x1
Use Coupon Code KEYME7 1/Account
Lootbox Weekend
Increased drop rates on lootboxes, throughout Middle-earth!
March 7 – 10th
New To The LOTRO Store
And now for the store sales!

Quest Packs 20% Off

estore_icon_mtx_region_lothlorien_large595-795 476-636vip_button_small_enThumbs_Up (Custom)
Drac’s Says – Yes Yes Yes! It’s always good to pick the ones up you need, when they are on sale!

Legacies 20% Off

   195-795 156-636Thumbs_Down (Custom)

Drac Says – If your into the LI game then get these as they are on sale

Scroll of Combination 20% Off

     795 636Thumbs_Down (Custom)
Drac Says – If your into the LI game then get these as they are on sale

Relic Removal Scroll 20% Off

   195 156Thumbs_Up (Custom)

Drac Says – I normally don’t condone playing the LI Game, but these come in handy

Max Morale & Power Scroll 20% Off

15-225 12-180Thumbs_Down (Custom)

Drac Says – I don’t ever recommend buying this in the store. Open hobbit presents you might get one.

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  1. Ethelros /

    To summarise my own, rather more LI-bashing views:

    Awesome; especially considering the upcoming revamps

    Starting to think there’s a reason I don’t do these…

  2. Right there with ya.. I feel horrible about saying “Don’t waste your TP” every week…

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