LOTRO Players News Episode 36: I Told You So


This week there was the first big news drop leading into the fall of Isengard and we also start a new segment called ‘Question of the Week.’  Feel free to send in questions for us to discuss in future weeks.

Game News

Letter From Executive Producer Aaron Campbell

Pando Media Booster Removal Warning

Developer Snippets

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LOTRO Players News

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LOTRO Players Adventures Episode 4

Return of Small Lotro Adventures with Lizzy and Lilikate

LOTRO Academy: 89 – Goals for 2014

LOTRO Video Highlights: 5 Years in Middle-earth

Brax’s pick of the week: Call of Duty (of Care): Social Responsibility and the Videogame Industry by Mark Griffiths

Question of the Week

What order will players enter and travel through Gondor and the lands beyond?


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“Fantastic podcast! I look forward to listening to the next one. Please come to our Carnival Ride on Saturday, March 1 at 2:30pm EST

/servertime and our Solve-A-Mystery roleplay event on Saturday, March 15 at 4:00pm EST/servertime on Landroval!”

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Featured Comments

Kiralynn of Rohan left a comment on episode 35 of LOTRO Players News:

“Thank you for mentioning the Windy Acres Ranch events. As of the Shadowfax Sprint on Saturday, we have hosted 50 events! Many thanks to our volunteers and to the community for their support!”

Tsu also left a comment on episode 35 of LOTRO Players News:

“Oh yes it’s Lotro Players and the feeling’s right

Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!

LOTRO players so cosmopolitan: Transylvania, Wales, ‘Wherever?” and presumable pine leaves from the forest! And the ladies: Roman lilies, Queensland mysteries and Danish white berries.

I don’t want to become a poetry TROLL! So I contemplated just saying thanks for another show…

But Ethelros stepped up and his lack of understanding encouraged me to try again…sorry if he takes a starring role in the it…no offence meant. (Had to check the Blackadder Gobbledygook…aha! Misplaced a lion!)Final Question: How do you say Lord of the Rings in Welsh?(Note by Ethelros: It’s ‘Arglwydd y Cylchoedd’)

(Note by Pineleaf: This poem is likely inspired by today being St David’s Day)


Up and under here we go…

Are you ready yes or no?

Descendent of Pontarddulais, Half Welsh me is…

Ethelros in Wales…he is…not understanding!

Dylan Thomas best wordsmith, from the valleys…

Leek in one hand, brains in other…dragon a flapping!

‘Mae Plaid Cymru yn addo rhoi Cymru’n Gyntaf.’

Not a welsh speaker myself thanks to my Pa…

‘Bore da a Nos da…chwaraewyr LOTRO…’

Up and Under here we go,

Another silly poem for the LOTRO Players Front Row.”

Lilikate also left a comment on episode 35 of LOTRO Players News:

“Oh now I am jealous! Where is my poem in a sauff london accent?”

AnUnexpectedVidcast ALSO left a comment on episode 35 of LOTRO Players News:

“Great show guys n gals. You all seem to have more and more fun each week :)


This week we received an email from Amondos:

“Hey guys! Thanks so much for doing the podcast… you make the commute home much more bearable!

This is the first time that my friend and I have played LOTRO, and we are wanting to hit level 95 as soon as we can! We started off questing, but we found that running skirmishes was a much quicker way to level up. Right now with an XP boost we went from 63 to 65 in about an hour!

Are there any downsides to leveling through skirmishes all the way to 95? Does the experience start to slow down at any point?


-Amondos of Meneldor”

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  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I am so glad I got to hear Ethelros speak Welsh, sadly my connection cut out, at the best moment in the entire show.

    -Bar “I told you so!”.

    Just to mention Sauff or Saaff is how we would say South. We do not rhyme slang, but I could for a pie or a well toasted Crumpet (or four).

    I call Nazgul Play! I think it would be just as fun as a Warliphant Steed 🙂 I want one of those!

    Just imagine, first you have to amass troops at Minas Morgal, then send troops in raiding parties to Osgiliath. Then the epic moment you have to fight and win Minas Tirith, defeating all the Kings, Lords and Princes not to mention a meddling Wizard and annoying Hobbit Pippin. You do lose in the end as Frodo, Sam and Gollum destroy the One Ring.

    Ethelros was this booze and Lemonade yours? Yummy.

  2. Branhild /

    Great show. Thanks again.
    I would love to follow Aragorn to defeat the corsairs. I was thinking they might have us assist Cair Andros.

  3. (Note by Pineleaf: This poem is likely inspired by today being St David’s Day)
    Serendipity playing its hand…:)
    Fun show 🙂

  4. Hagu /

    I really enjoy the show and community; thanks for everyone’s efforts!

    Regarding the mail everywhere feature, let me explain the appeal to a hoarder with at least one of every profession. You are in landscape killing and questing and things are hitting overflow. Then you get to a corpse or box or you go to a resource node and get a rarer salt or resin: Alas, those don’t overflow. Now if I remember, before leaving town I will break a stack of six something into six stacks of one so I can hit overflow yet still combine when I need a free slot. But if I forget and I usually do, while beside the node/package I can mail something away and still get the item.


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