LOTRO Players News Episode 33: Defense of Trestlebridge


This week was full of news and we had another poem for Pineleaf!

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LOTRO Bullroarer Patch 12.3 Notes

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Ask The LOTRO Team: Answers to your questions, 6th February 2014

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Featured Comments

Lilikate and Lizzy left a comment on Episode 32 of LOTRO Players News

“Dear Pineleaf, Andang and two other friends,

I am very glad that you guys liked the name I thought up:  Monkey Dwarves. You guys are the best. This message if from LIZZY, and soon I will play with Pineleaf and Andang. (Even Ethelros, Braxwolf and Draculetta too).”

Tsu also left a comment on Episode 32 of LOTRO Players News

“Good Show: starting to feel that the group dynamic is starting to form

Area Revamp: North Downs – Great! Trollshaws almost certain…But revamp shire…they cant even mess with the way hobbits walk let alone mess with the Shire.

Agree with Andang..new areas need the update most. North Bree would be good…lot of empty space and then streamline quests…

Will be looking out for you guys on Windy


This week we received an email from Tsu:

“Hi all

Great show,

Will be following – (live unlikely, alive sure, both being wife dependant) so hope to catch the show Sunday or Monday.

Lots of news to be discussed this week I am sure with the ‘Lotro Questions’ being ‘Answered’…

Would love to know when U13 would be released? Any idea?

OK the Poem

Its a wee bit surreal so do not mind at all if not read out:

(LOTRO LINK…well tis about an ORK…well that’s all really!)



There is an ork on my fork

Is a bit of a dork

Called Mork from York

Feeds off pork and cork

At work likes to roar “Rork!”

That ork on my fork

Worked forking pork

Not po’kin and fo’kin cork

For k, (in Spanish, ‘por k’

Porque? no se!) Wor’ k! Cor! k!

That ork on my fork

Forked tongue ork twisted

Torked norking sork zork

Korky oorky gorky tork

Borkin’ mad that Ork

On my Fork





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  1. Eirlog Musclegut /

    Wow Pineleaf! You sound just like me reading “Fox in Socks” to my kids! I think when Dr. Seuss wrote the original, and when Tsu wrote the update, they could just imagine the close calls that can ensue when one says “Fox in Socks, and Socks on…” or “Worked forking pork” too quickly.

    It’s a shame I can’t get the chat window to work with my android device, then it would be easier for me to play and listen/chat at the same time 🙂

    Hope to see you guys for adventures at some point – need to work my new alt up to lvl 30+ and 5pm on a Saturday is definitely depending on MrsEir and the MiniEirs. They have a habit of blowing the summoning horn at inopportune times (e.g., when healing a raid).

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Eirlog Musclegut of Riddermark

  2. Anthony Johnson /

    A limerick for Pineleaf

    There once was a hobbit from South Farthing
    Whose belly was so large it was alarming
    Wargs ran in fear
    And so did the deer
    When his belly started a rumbling

    Great job guys

  3. Odd I didn’t notice that an ork is not the same as an orc! OOPS!

    Thanks:) I’m glad people enjoyed…


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