LOTRO Players News Episode 30: Master of Disaster


This week there is a lot of game and LOTRO Players news, not to mention several giveaways.

Game News

LOTRO License extended through 2017

LOTRO Community Update January 2014

LOTRO Bullroarer Patch 12.2 Notes

Dev Snippets – 18th January 2014

Store Sales

  • Free Sample: Sturdy Steel Key(account-bound)   LOCK6

  • 20% off the off the following items:

    • Shared Storage

    • Vault Upgrades

    • Inventory Bags

    • Currency Cap

LOTRO Players News

Chat Room Giveaways

8 Changes Epic Battles Need

LOTRO Academy: 87 – Introduction to Epic Battles

LOTRO Reporter Podcast Changes Lineup

LOTRO Video Highlights – Would You Be My Minstrel?

Braxwolf’s Rise of the Fellowship Review

Under the Sunlit Sky

Auditions Open for The Starlight Orchestra

Small LOTRO Adventures Returns!

Lilikate’s Screenshots

Winterstock Live Stream

Brax’s pick of the week: The Gaming Blog Nexus


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Brewster on Brandywine gave us a 5 star review on iTunes saying;

“Episode 28 was an epic 3hr 17min, great show, tons of info and insight to the game. If you love LOTRO you will love LOTRO Players News! Dont miss Andang, Draculetta, Ethelros, Mysteri and the big man, master of disaster himself Pineleaf Needles!”

Featured Comments

Braxwolf left a comment on episode 87 of LOTRO Academy:

“Drac’s first episode is about Epic Battles??? Oh, the irony!

Lilikate Buggins left a comment on episode 29 of LOTRO Players News:

“It was great to be able to be up late enough to join you in the live chatroom! So much content to catch up with! It was really nice hearing those familiar voices again.”

AnUnexpectedVidcast also left a comment on episode 29 of LOTRO Players News:

“Great show as ever guys. And the Helms Deep email gave me a few ideas of how to crack some of those big battles.”


This week we received an email from Glenrin, Man Champion on Landroval:


A few episodes ago I think you discussed that introducing new races and classes weren’t really viable in the game. I was thinking about this and it made me wonder what all of you thought if LotRO were to expand the options for the existing classes and races? For example a Dwarf Warden might be fun or even an Elf Captain (an old character of mine still has the “Elf Captain’s Notes” item in my vault). Since the lore about what classes go with what race is a bit subjective on Turbine’s part do you think they might do it someday? If so, do you think it would be a good idea?

Thanks for the great show!”

This week our second email comes from Kaleigh:

“Greetings, everyone!

I had a question that might be a possible point of discussion for you all on the show:

While opinions regarding how enjoyable Epic Battles are range widely, opinion seems to be virtually unanimous that they are much more fun in a group than alone.

Part 1:  What is it, specifically, about Epic Battles that makes them more enjoyable in a group?  There are many possible reasons, of course.

Part 2:  Would it be possible to apply the multiplayer aspects that make Epic Battles more enjoyable to other types of group play (Instances, Raids, Skirmishes, Landscape content like the Limlight Gorge, and so on)?  How might they be applied, and would they be welcome in those other types of content?

Discuss! 🙂

Oh, and seeing as how poor Draculetta has been inundated with Epic Battle talk between the Helm’s Deep review and LOTRO Academy, he may be excused from answering if he so wishes 🙂

Looking forward to the next show!”

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Final Thoughts

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Thanks for watching!


  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Great show as always! I love the crow-baring of the Grumpy Old Man!

    Pineleaf is an excellent host!

    My favourite story character has to be Tom Bombadil who skippity doo’s I just love. Also Radagast I adore as he saves the animals and does not have any bird poo on his face whiskers or hair.

    My favourite LOTRO Players moment must be the time Lizzy was telling you all what she really thought and poor Pineleaf got the brunt of that too, although she did compliment his skirmishing ability 🙂 I don’t think we got it all live but it made me laugh so much 🙂

    Here is to the next 30 shows! and more.

  2. Brewstyr /

    It’s Monday night after a long day at work and I’m home relaxing and I remember… Lotro Player News should be up on the website.
    So I begin listening to the podcast. I have done this before but tonight is special, it’s special because the other day I left a review on iTunes and I hope to hear a mention in the feedback section of the show. At 54:45 Draculetta did the reading of my review and I felt so proud to be part of the show but then it went so terribly wrong.
    Imagine my shock to hear I had left out Braxwolf when I wrote the review.
    No that’s impossible!
    It could not be!
    All the while the podcast is going on and I hear the group laughing at my goof. Oh the shame I’m feeling… Braxwolf of the Braxclan, how could I have done such thing? Am I getting too old? Not fit for proper feedbacking on the interwebs?
    No, this can’t be, time to investigate.
    I started thinking about the feedback and that day, I did just listen to a 3+ hour epic podcast and I was mining ore and wood in the West Rohan areas the whole time of the podcast. I remembered being careful to include Mysteri even though she did not make that specific podcast.
    So I thought, lets double-check that iTunes review.
    To my surprise and glee, there it was, Braxwolf! Somehow among the list of names in my review Braxwolf’s name was deleted in the translation to podcast notes.
    So now the question exists…
    Who Deleted Braxwolf?

    Thanks for the podcasting and fun, keep it up!

    Brewstyr of Brandywine

    • Andang /

      Haha! That is a good question. I copy and paste strait from iTunes. Someone must have deleted Brax.
      Thanks for the awesome comment!

    • No worries, Brewster! Even if you did forget – sometimes I lose track of who’s on a given night, and I’m staring at the hangout! 🙂 I was mostly just going for a laugh.

      Thanks for listening!

  3. Oh My Goodness, Andang. I laughed so hard when you did your Tom Bombadil voice. I think you should do this in every episode. 🙂

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