What LOTRO NPC’s Are Thinking by Scuto Dragonslayer (A LOTRO Machinima)

Ever wonder what your favorite NPC’s are thinking?  Well wonder no longer.  After long weeks of an annoying invisible glitch, a few football games, and the what not I have finally finished it.  Though not very good it is still better then my first machinima by far.  So sit back,  relax, and enjoy What LOTRO NPC’s Are Thinking.



My inspiration to make this for LOTRO. Even though I don’t play WOW, wowcrendor is awesome.  After my maybe 5th time seeing this I thought to myself “Why can’t LOTRO have stuff like this on Youtube?”  You can guess the rest.


Scuto Dragonslayer

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  1. Andang /

    Awesome job!

  2. Haha, very nice work!

    I would definitely never hire Thornley to make me a worksite…takes FOREVER!

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