An Unexpected Vidcast – Episode 27

Welcome to the first An Unexpected Vidcast of 2014, and who is that introducing it?  Its certainly not Pashbo, as he has started off again on the next part of his journey following in Frodo’s footsteps.  And Rubyrae is nowhere to be seen.  Meanwhile we hear a sweet tune from Lina Willowwood, and a hobbit poem about snow.  

There is, as ever, just time to fit in also a quick LOTRO store update.

We would also love to include work from the LOTRO community within this vidcast.  If  you would like your LOTRO band to perform, would like us to include your own roleplaying video, send us a picture of your character with some text telling us what they have been up to, or want to plug a community event email us at

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  1. Andang /

    Great show this week and every week!

  2. I honestly don’t know how you can do this every week. Thanks for the time you put in!

    • AnUnexpectedVidcast /

      Its great fun to do – only downside is it reduces my time actually playing the game :p

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