Dev Snippets – 3rd January 2014

This week there were no Dev posts to cover. That said, Sapience recently ran a stream playing a low level Hunter. He also addressed numerous question asked by the chat, and some interesting titbits came out as a result. I’ve taken the liberty of listing some of the more notable ones below. Take them with a grain of salt, as with all things they are not set in stone:

  • Patch 12.2 will likely arrive late this month.
    • It will contain largely bug fixes and balance changes.
  • The Rift of Nurz Gashu will not be scaled, period. Players get misty eyed about this particular instance, far more than they ever liked it at the time. Scaling it would cause even more complaints no matter how they do it.
  • The power outage that delayed the release of HD also messed up the hardware that runs the Lotteries. As a result they are down with no ETA.
  • Community Update videos will return once the team returns from their holidays. The aim is for a video every two weeks.
  • There will be no new instance cluster release in the near future.
  • He is hoping to stream more often this year. Perhaps once a week on Fridays, and maybe with some Devs pulled in too.
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  1. Mzrts12 /

    no wonder there’s been no lotteries :(

  2. Wicked Wolf /

    I’m sorry but this is tragic. Are big battles considered instances now, for good? What exactly was the point of this whole class revamp (butchering), if you’re only on the landscape face rolling everything or in Big Battles doing nothing but clicking and not using your class in any unique way?


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