LOTRO Store Sales 12/20/13 – 1/02/14


Free Sample Of The Week

Dec 20th – 26th

Universal Power Potion x5
Use Coupon Code POW97 1/Account
Legacy Tier Upgrade

20% Off
295 236
Drac’s Take – I would not buy any of these, but if you are a big fan of the LI “Game” then this is good deal I suppose…
Select Relics and Scrolls

20% Off
95-2475 76-1980
*Relic Removal Scroll
*Relic Bundle
*Random Relic Bundle
*Premium Relic Pack
*Tier 8 Relic Pack x1/x5
*Tier 7 Relic Pack x1/x5
Drac’s Take – Again, I would not personally spend my TP on these, but for someone that love’s to play the LI game you might…
Riding Traits

20% Off
995-2995 796-2396
Apprentice Riding Trait
Apprentice Riding Trait (Account)
Journeyman Riding Trait (Account) Includes skill Smell the Roses to bring you back to the mount’s normal speed.Drac’s Take – I bought the Journeyman last time it was on sale, as it’s Account wide, it’s a pretty decent deal. Saves on having to buy the Riding skill if you want and the speed boost is nice

Milestone & Traveller Skills

20% Off
350-495 280-396
Drac’s Take – I have bought the Hurried Traveler and a few of the milestones in the past. I find it nice to be able to jump around to a few bound milestones. If you have the TP I would recommended picking any of this up, we don’t see a sale too often…

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  1. Nothing special this week…bit tight it being Christmas and all!

    (lotro players feedback Comment: article looks a bit scruffy and what no description and, especially, opinion as that is what I like the most about this article normally…I could just go to LOTRO sales page! Which shockingly looks better than this one…)

  2. Silfaer /

    There are triple TPs this week, too : >


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