Level 95 crafted guild recipe outputs


With each new expansion that comes out, new shiny guild recipes become available. I find it a pain to try to remember what gear I have and what armour/jewelery/etc piece is available. Is it better than what I currently have? I don’t want to waste a recipe to find out it’s not any better. So I’ll take screen shots of each craftable guild recipe is available for each profession. Then have it available as a quick reference.

Wanted to share and hope it helps other people out to. These are the level 95 craftable items available.

Jewelers guild:


Weaponsmith guild:

Level 95 weaponsmith weapons

Metalsmith guild shield’s:


Metalsmith guild heavy armour:


Metalsmith guild tools:


Woodworkers guild weapons:

woodworker weapons

Tailor guild medium armour:

Medium armour

Tailor guild light armour:

Light armour

Tailor guild cloaks:


Cook guild:


Scholar guild:




  1. Great work here, thanks for all that!

  2. Alexis Caddell /

    This was a really good idea!

  3. gennyrose /

    This is great. Thank you so much!

  4. Awesome guide, thanks!

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