Instant LVL 50 Item Now For Sale In Store




I mentioned this in my Store Sales Post, but felt like this was big enough news to mention separate as well..

Awhile back Contains Moderate Peril had mentioned an Instant LVL 50 item that would be in the store.

This item is now available and in the store for a limited time Dec 13th-Dec 19th.

For 4995 Turbine Points you will receive the following items :

Gift of the Valar Item
A set of level 50 gear
1 Gold piece
An LIXP rune, worth enough XP to bring one LI to level 10
4 ranks of each virtue
The Riding skill
A Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
A 25-stack of food that scales with your level
A 25-stack of Morale and Power potions that scale with your level
5 +100% XP Boosts
A single-use map to Rivendell
25 Mithril Coins

It has changed some what from the first reports of this showing up on Bullroarer.

So, what do you think? Will you be buying this instant LVL 50 for any of your ALTS?




  1. Mzrts12 /


  2. well if i had 5000tp floating around and had got everything else I would be teampted…

  3. I’m trying to figure out if I’d even buy this if it was account-wide. Still leaning towards “no”….

  4. I have to admit I like the banner graphic…but the deal? Nah, I’ll pass. 🙂

  5. Absolutely positively NO. The actual journey is the best part of this game (and yeah I have done it more than one time but to me it doesn’t get old.)

  6. Doubt it, but it looks like you get level 50 gear… not that you become level 50. Still I do think it is a good idea to have that in the store now that level cap is 95 and likely to go at least another 20-40 more levels before they are done. Still getting 4 ranks in each virtue is the tempting part to me. The grinding for virtues at times gets rather old.

    I agree with Southi. I actually quite enjoy the lower level content. While I do focus on leveling too much, Southi is right. The true joy is in the journey. “Don’t stop believing” 🙂

    • In the store description of the item, it does include, “After using the Gift of the Valar, your character will instantly be raised to level 50!” As long as you are out of the Intro and have gained the Novice trait (from talking to the first NPC out of the intro), you can purchase this and instantly become level 50, along with a box that has all the goodies inside.


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