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Have you ever decided to make a kinship after deciding your original one was too flabby?  Did you buy a kinship charter but now have no idea what to do next?  Well before this starts sounding like a bad infomercial I have generously decided to divulge my secret ways of the kinship so you don’t half to run around like a chicken with its head cut off.



Naming a Kin

Okay.  For those who just bought there kinship charter and used it but don’t what to name their kinship then read on.  Those who know what to name their kins should skip to the next paragraph.  Anyway, the first step to naming your kinship is to choose what you like.  For example say when you read The Lord of the Rings you really loved Galadriel.  Keeping this name we go to the second step which is whatever.  I mean it!  You can just throw anything on to the end of her name and you have a kinship name.  Galadriel’s Warriors, Galadriel’s Hobbits (for certain race kinships), Galadriel’s Apples, anything.  Personally anything like Galadriel’s Apples will make people think you don’t take the kin seriously and then you have a limited number of players in your kin.  I would say to pick a name the is relevant to a personal militia like Galadriel’s Banner guard.



Your Days are Numbered

After you choose your epic kin name you will get a notice stating that you must have at least 8 members or it will be disbanded in 8 days.  Don’t panic.  The first thing you will have to do is to is get at least one member in the kin.  Make sure though that when you recruit someone make sure to ask them first.  Anyway when you get your first member that agrees to take the title officer (officers can recruit players and can communicate to you through officer chat for those who don’t know), make sure to teach them how to recruit, (left click player, scroll down to kinship, click recruit) then make a bunch of alts.  You alts will actually count as one player and increase your kin count.  Then when your kin has enough players you can delete any alts you think you won’t need.  But be warned.  If your kin falls under eight you will have to recruit more people.  Oh and if you don’t log onto LOTRO in 65 days your kin will disband.  And now for one last thing on recruiting.  A good idea to recruit better is to put a kinship um thing (sorry don’t know what to call it) in regional chat in the main hubs in this game like Bree for example.  Here of what I usually put in the chat:

Rohan’s Elite Warriors now recruiting.  We are a friendly kin whose main goal is to be the most passionate kin on the server.  Are rules are 1. No profanity, 2. Respect other players and kins, 3. Help lower levels when possible, And 4. No arguing over which class/race is better because trust me, it can get VERY annoying.  Come ride with us as we battle the forces of Saruman and take back Rohan!

Stating the rules also help so you don’t have to say the rules later when you recruiting people.

 Kinship Info

 Keeping the Kin Alive

Not much to say here.  If you want to have a kin were there are people on every day you might want to make friends with whoever you recruit.  I also recommended hosting weekly raids and parties at your kinship house which are eligible to buy when your kin gets to rank 7.



And to end this long article I would just like to say for maybe the hundredth time thank you LOTRO Players for recruiting me into your family.

My your pies never go rancid,

Scuto Dragonslayer



  1. Tough one to tackle, Scuto! Kins are so personal and diverse. I would add: Have in mind what type of kin you want to be. This will influence the type of player you recruit as well as the method that you use to recruit them. A raiding kin probably does not recruit the same as a role-playing kin. A social kin is probably looking for a different type of player than a crafting kin. Of course you’re probably going to have multiple things that interest various members of the kin, but it’s important to understand your main focus.

  2. Nice work, Scuto. This is a great time for the information, as expansions usually bring people back who may be considering joining/creating a new kinship. I’m sure the recent Humble Bundle (with the Steely Pack) was also (hopefully) helpful in bringing some new players into the game.

    I hope you can expand your series and create some more kinship-related articles! Happy to have ya here. 🙂

  3. Michael /

    It takes 1 player now (you) to keep a Kinship in LOTRO, not 8 and will never disband for being short on members. 1 member is all that is needed.

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