LOTRO Players News Episode 21: More Hunters!


This week we had a large team filled with discussion as we say goodbye to Riders of Rohan and say hello to Helm’s Deep.

Game News

Scheduled Downtime Monday November 18

Auto-Level to 50 Confirmed to be in Testing

Helm’s Deep Soundtrack now on Soundcloud

Helm’s Deep Beta Breaks Record for Expansions

“Shadow of Mordor” is not for LOTRO

Humble Bundle – WB Games

Store Sales

Free Sample: Rejuvenation Potion x5 Use Coupon Code: (REJ5Y)

20% Off

Shared Storage

Vault Upgrades

Inventory Bags

Currency Cap

LOTRO Players News

End of Beta Event Videos

Helm’s Deep Fan Trailer

Increasing Hunter Survivability

Helm’s Deep Hunter Trapper of Foes: A Deeper Look

1000 Posts

The One Ring: Updated News

New Pet Ideas

Brax’s pick of the week: Helm’s Deep: Changes for Crafting by Chocoholic


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Featured Comments

Zenga left a comment on LOTRO Players’ 1000th Post:

“Good works guys, I really like the idea of the website making it all available at one place since we gamers have no time to run on multiple website to check the news of our favorite MMO RPG, we would like to see more RP content in the future (videos especially).

Keep the good work flowing.”


Flosiin left a comment on Beta Ending Event Part 4 Video on Andang’s YouTube Channel

“Number of steps when you made vertical advancement: 868

Estimated altitude at the end: 3669 feet or .69 miles or 1.1 km

Last jump made on your war steed took 22 seconds to fall.

First fall took 14seconds, Altitude 970 feet

Second fall took 16 seconds, altitude 1260 feet

Third fall took 19 seconds, altitude 2000 feet”


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Final Thoughts

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