Helm’s Deep Beta Breaks Record for Expansions


On the forums today, Sapience mentioned a record that the Helm’s Deep Beta broke.

It’s the first expansion that we’ve had since Shadows Of Angmar that required us to add servers to the beta world to match the number of players trying to log in and participate. It was the first beta since Shadows of Angmar that actually tripped our login queues on the beta world and forced us to raise the max player population.

As a Beta participant who had a login queue , I can confirm this to be true.  I have not had a queue on any previous expansion Beta.


  1. Fredelas /

    That’s an interesting conclusion. Bullroarer login numbers actually appeared to be about twice as high during F2P beta testing as they were during Helm’s Deep testing. (In fact, players were logging in more often to Bullroarer at that time than most of the live servers.) Perhaps Turbine isn’t counting that as an expansion, though.

    You can see the Bullroarer login statistics as the red line at the bottom of the graph here:


    • Those are logins by the week not necessarily during a single Beta event. That being said, it is more than possible that this statistic only accounts for expansions and the base game.

      • Fredelas /

        That’s very true. The Helm’s Deep beta was certainly the most “punctuated” beta so far, in terms of having shorter windows for testing followed by longer windows for reflection and feedback. It also hosted by far the largest number of scheduled testing events.

        It might follow that these records were broken because of Turbine’s more rigid schedule for testing. This is a good thing, because it helps Turbine know what to expect of its hardware on launch day.


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