Helm’s Deep Captain Video: A First Look

The superb LOTRO community has been produced yet another video today talking about the major class changes coming with Helm’s Deep. This one is by Cithryth, and covers the changes affecting the Captain class. She compares the Live version of the Captain to the one currently in Beta and walks you through the new trait tree system.

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  1. Southi /

    Thank you for posting this video. One thing that I believe I missed you talking about (hard to listen to you and the kids at the same time lol) was heralds. From my own play in beta they are vastly improved in damage output and should now see much more game play than they have in the past. For some that haven’t used them much in live though there will sure to be a learning curve but I think afterwards they will be quite pleased. There are also a few powerful skills that have been introduced. Rockx did a great job of taking feedback and using it to help improve what we had in the original beta. I can’t wait until Helm’s Deep comes to live.

  2. Thanks this helps since I didn’t use my cap in beta at all. (Only 46 anyway) Also what skin are you using in the video?

  3. Anyone knows how much will the extra trait specs cost?

  4. Cool. I love Cappys, but had a love hate relationship with it before… so darn fragile before the heavy armor and the tank spec, easy respec. I see your point about the marks, but not sure it’s really a major issue anymore. I think the playstyle has changed now. I will have to relearn it, but I suspect there is more advantage in other more current skills now. Taking lots of time to mark your enemy is more the role of the burglar I think (debuffs). If you’re soloing, maybe just tank and spank, focus on your resistance herald, keeping him alive. I’ve only just started figuring it out, but so far that’s how it seems to me. Noticed you didn’t have a herald up, even before, I always had one up, even if passive, for the buffs on me. Maybe people play different, that’s what makes cappy fun.

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