The Final Fellowship Walk 2013.


Walking up onto the High Moor.

Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to the final article of the Fellowship Walk 2013. Here I take the opportunity to highlight the events of last Thursdays walk.

It did not take long to walk to Rivendell.

The walk down the steep slopes did not take too long, but we were very worried that Miss Needles would fall over the edge in her search for a good vantage point.

Warm greetings and musical refreshment from Andunie

Andunie a band of musical Elves were waiting for us outside the Last Homely House with prepared music and refreshments.

Arriving at Rivendell to a very warm welcome.

Although we were foot sore and weary those of us who could, delighted the host Elves with a quick step.

Lilikate and Company showing our best “Elf 2” to the hosts.

While some went inside to visit Bilbo, others preferred to stay outside and enjoy the music.

The View from our vantage was simply stunning.

From here you could see the path we walked stretching far into the distant heights.

The Mounted Parade ready to display outfits.

From her vantage point Alsel got a good glimpse of the mounted parade. Riders and Mounts ready to impress the audience.

Getting things started: Lilikate on Teal Fireworks Pony, Sparkle.

Here I am on Sparkle, I love how every now and then she sets off a beautiful whiz-cracker!

All our Mounted Parade contestants.

After a short amount of time everyone voted for their favourite “Rider and Mount” a clear winner was chosen by the gathered free-folk. Mithrilfist was awarded as a prize 100 fireworks!

Mithrilfist and his mount looking very smart.

Mithrilfist on his black pony decked in lovely blue tac. A well deserved winner of our little parade.

A well deserved cheer!

As events drew to a close we have this screenshot of our Mounted Parade winner to share.

A highlight of the entire walk.

Our long line of participants for the Mounted Parade all looking lovely.

A walk for Funzies!

To celebrate the Fellowship Walk’s grand success Lilikate offered our bravest walkers the opportunity to tour the cold camps of the Fellowship in Eregion. So we head off again to walk though the lands of Middle-Earth.

Nightime in the Trollshaws.

As we made our way over the miles of terrain, night turned to day. The heat turned to frost and back warm again.

We made it!

We had very brief but succinct closing speeches all that arrived at the Sirannon Gate were given a very special prize.

One port back to Michel Delving by Lilikate Buggins herself.


We raised $5902.50 for Child’s Play!

Well done everybody! From those people who handed in craft or rep items to make auction packs, to everyone who walked or played music. To those who donated time and those who donated funds. Looking back on the last month there have been so many helpers and supporters it is impossible for me to remember them all. So a big collective thanks to all of you.

Hugs and salutes are available to all who I meet in my travels.



Screenshot Competition Winner:

Stone Troll Handstand.

Congratulations to Orion! Myst will be in contact with you to arrange your prize of a steam game of Faerie Solitaire.


Cosmetic Competition Winners:

Best Dressed Outfit Winner:

Tinki – Best Dressed with added Reindeer.

Congratulations Tinki! You do look very smart. Now you are soon to be the proud owner of the game Magicka.


Worst Dressed Outfit Winner:

Yes indeed! Ahem…It is quite 🙂

Thurinphifnirol Swiftfoot’s outfit is as flamboyant as his name! Our winner of the Worst Dressed and soon to be owner of FTL Sci-fi game.

Funniest Dressed Winner:

Gift-Wrapped Dwarf! No we do not need to see him unwrapped!

Congratulations to Folkord, and a lvl 20 rune-keeper on the Landroval server. He is the winner of this section and will be in receipt of a copy of: Storm in a Teacup!



Poetry Competition Winner:

A Weary Traveller

Not from snowy mountains high

Where the mighty eagles fly
Nor from gloomy caverns deep
Where the tricksy goblins creep
He heralds from shining halls of gold
He is the very legends of old
He comes from places you couldn’t imagine
His deep blue eyes no longer bright
Don’t shine much in the dark night
Shrouded in ancient history
Veiled by many a mystery
These eyes don’t twinkle like some do
Past stories hidden in their blue
He’s seen things you couldn’t imagine
Knife hilt stuck in leather belt
A blade is wrapped in white-wolf pelt
His dull axe isn’t made for wood
But chop up other things, it could
A token held,  with its own tale
Glinting between the frosty hail
He’s done things you couldn’t imagine
His knees are bent all out of shape
He’s walked all the way from the cape
His beard is grey and very long
His back is bent and not so strong
He shivers in the biting sleet
His aged hands try to draw up heat
He is so old you couldn’t imagine
His wet brown boots are scuffed and worn
His old blue hood is ragged and torn
Footsteps fall on muddy ground
Careful, ready, as a hound
He mutters but he doesn’t talk
Steady on his unknown walk
He’s travelled places you couldn’t imagine
His journey not over, still ways to go
But he’ll  be resting at your home
Comes right up to your small green door
Raps three times, then once more
Takes off his hood under the moon
Soon to be out of the clutching gloom
He wants only for things you don’t need to imagine
By Taylor Blyth
Congratulations Taylor, you are the winner of our competitions. A copy of War of the Roses: Kingmaker will be headed your way soon.

Video Competition Winner:

Flosiin won this competition with his video: Mocking death in Dragioch’s cave.
Hurray your the winner of Awesomenauts! May you have hours of fun with it!

The Treasure Hunt:

Finally the annoucement of the winner of the WETAnz Parchment Map of Middle_Earth!

Drum-roll please……….

Weta Parchment Map

WETA Parchment Map

And the winner is…  Jordan Peterson! Hurrah and well done.


Congratulations to all the winners, Tinylea offered to provide a good home to the chickens as there were no entries to the Animal Listing competition. I hope they lay for many years to come!


If you need to contact us for any reason, for example: to organise a ring delivery please email or send a message to or twitter me #lilikatebuggins




All I have left to say is: Thanks for all the support from the LOTRO community and goodbye from everyone at the Fellowship Walk 2013.


Good bye from the Fellowship Walk 2013


  1. Andang /

    Great article Lilikate!

  2. Great job, everyone involved. Now, go take a nap!

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Yes Brax! A splendid idea 🙂 see you all next week!

  4. Awesome job 🙂 Congratulations to the winners!

  5. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Well done everyone 🙂 and yet again, lovely pictures

  6. Congratulations everyone. Very proud of all the work and effort to carry this on. Thank you.

  7. Bloobwulf /

    Taylor, nice job!

  8. Tinybel /

    Didn’t manage to stay till the very end but it was great fun! Awesome job 😀

  9. Zoofro /

    Well said and thank you!

  10. Woot – awesome work on the walk, and grats to all the winners of the various contests! 🙂

  11. Lilikate Buggins. /

    We still need to hear from Peter F. So if your out there Peter please contact me.

  12. Fionwyn /

    Great article and a great time was had by all who attended. I’m still smiling!

  13. I can hardly wait for next year’s Walk!


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