Fellowship Walk: Progress, Announcements 19thOct.

15.Walking through the Trollshaws

Walking through the Trollshaws


Hullo Everyone!


Welcome to the Fellowship Walk Progress! A catchup on all that has happened over the latest leg of our journey.

As our Fellowship Walk 2013 closes on this Thursday with our last walk I have taken the liberty to include plans for that grand occasion also.



So here is all that happened last saturday.

1.Warming the Crowd Fionwyn

Fionwyn plays for the growing crowd.


Our first musician was a late addition to the plans of the day. Only having met Fionwyn last week, but I jumped at the offer to play music for the event.


Multi Talented Fionwyn.

For those early birds this was a treat. As you can see I was having fun dancing long before 2.00pm.

3.Bara Bahau

The Bara Bahau.

A new band to entertain everyone, welcome the Bara Bahau.

Zedrock, Billalula, Zygg and Bettybebop totally wowed the crowd with their collection of songs.

4.The Music Sure is Bouncy

The Music Sure is Bouncy!

They Rocked and impressed! It was impossible to keep feet still. I would tip these guys for Weatherstock 2014.

The Bara Bahau have been known to perform at about 8-9pm on a Saturday at Bree Stage.

5.A Rock and a Hard Place

A Rock and a Hard Place.

I had been waiting for a long time to hear the song the Rocks had prepared for this event. Bruzo had penned his own song and this was it’s first public airing. I really loved the song which I got to hear more clearly a second time around.

I hope to be able to hear this number many times more. I liked the Troll that got plied with drink by Hobbits best!

5.In the Middle

In the Middle of the Troll Glade.

A panned-out view of the Rocks using the camp fire as a stage. In their matching costumes they looked the part!  They sounded great too.

6.Apoligies to the Rocks

Apology to the Rocks.

I wanted to say how sorry I was that we didn’t get to hear the rest of the set the band had prepared for us. I pressured the band into playing the new composition again. I should have let you guys carry on for another five minutes.

7.Hobbiton Philharmonic Employs Elves

Hobbiton Philharmonic Employs Elves

Our Headline act of the day was the Hobbiton Philharmonic. Overcoming lag, late arrivals and connection issues the band impressed eveyone with their harp and strings. I couldn’t pick a favourite but was so happy they played “Going to Weatherstock”-Penned by Floradine Strongfoot.

8.Hobbits of the Hobbition Philharmonic

Hobbits of the Hobbition Philharmonic

I am quite new to this band although I understand they have played music for many years. It was nice to be able to show a screenshot of the smaller members of the Hobbiton Philharmonic.

9.Very Special Party Guest

Very Special Party Guest

An unexpected guest to the party! A curious horse must have wondered what all the Free Folk were doing in the middle of Troll Country.

10.Casually Strolling

Casually Strolling

Finally it was time to check the total. Having raised over $4000 we all set off for the Ford of Bruinen.

11.Bear at the Rear

Bear at the Rear

The Walking commenced and we headed once again for the East – West Road. Bears, Heralds and Vendors!

12.Follow Lilikate

Follow Lilikate

With no other route open to us at this time we trusted to our luck and took to the road once more. All seemed quiet and there was no sign of anyone or anything else on the road.  Security did the most amazing  job of keeping us all safe.

13.Trusting to Luck

Trusting to Luck

As we headed further toward the Ford of Bruinen our thouhts turned to the food and comfort of Rivendell.





   We made quite the line of people, some even forgot the very first rule of the Fellowship          Walk and missed out on some rather wonderful comments and role play.

   Many comments of “Ninny-hammer” were heard uttered by some hobbits.

   However finally most of the walkers grouped up again.

   Many thanks to Katinas and Alesel for the Screenshots in todays post.

16.Ford Run

Stampede over the Waters.

      Our arrival at the Ford of Bruinen became quite dangerous as Black Riders appeared and began demanding news of a Hobbit called Baggins.

We all decided to run across the Ford as quickly as we could in the hope that the waters of the Elves would protect us.

17.Where is Baggins

Where is Baggins

We remembered the advice of the Ranger from Weathertop and released a barrage of fireworks to protect ourselves.

One rider, the biggest of them all was unafraid of all our rockets and whizz-bombs.

18.Eeeek Black Riders

Eeeek Black Riders

The riders seemed confused as to how to proceed, and as we could not walk any further that day. Luckily Alesel had plenty of fire-works ready to hand out to all those in need.



One very brave and plucky hobbit called Katinas managed to get close enough with her sketch-book to get the likeness of this enemy. We will show it to Elrond when we arrive at the Last Homely House.

20.Keeping the Darkness Away

Keeping the Darkness Away

As the Nazgul began crossing the water we set off even more fireworks, the lights so bright they could not get any further.

Hey whats that crazy hobbit doing running to the Black Riders?

23.Lilikate Pays the Playactin Spies

What is Lilikate doing?

For some minutes the Free Folk looked on horrified that the powers of darkness had over come Lilikate.

24.How about a Buggins

How about a Buggins

They asked me if I knew a Baggins… I asked them if a Buggins would do? Then I offered them a pie and some strawberry ale.

25.Nazgul Photo Op

Nazgul Photo Op

It turned out that these were no real Black Riders from the dark lands in the South, but play-actin spies from the Lonely Mountain Band paid to be Nazgul by Lilikate for the entertainment of everyone on the Fellowship Walk.

It was just as well as people were wanting their sketches taken with the Black Riders to take home back to The Shire.


Erikin and his Lute.

Finally one last special song from a kindly Dwarf named Erikin.

27.Eriken Making Hobbits Homesick

Eriken Making Hobbits Homesick

Reminding Hobbits and all free folk of the comforts that is to be had in The Shire with his Song “Fields of The Shire”.

Many a Fallohide, Stoor and Harfoot were wishing they were in their own Featherbeds.

The night came to a close with reminders to check auctions, send in treasure hunt answers and donate before the 24th.

Many of the Walkers had a Mystery to Solve back in Bree!




You can still get your title, An Unexpected Traveller by sending an anecdote to Fellowshipwalk@gmail.com.

Donations with character name and server will also be issued with a code.



Please enter the LOTRO Players give-aways, as we have raised over $5000. All you need to do to be entered in the random draw is leave one comment in each of the two posts linked here.




Auction Winners

Please can all auction winners pay by the 23rd October through the widgit on the home page of LOTRO Players. All winners will have been sent details of their winning auctions and information about how to pay.

I will be making sure over the next few weeks that all prizes and winnings get to their new owners. So if you have not heard about your auction please contact Lilikatebuggins@gmail.com.


Total Amount Raised 🙂

At this moment our total stands at: $5500.50! This is more than 100% of our total goal. Thank you everyone who have donated to Child’s Play.


If you have any issues or concerns about any aspect of the Fellowship Walk 2013 please contact Lilikatebuggins@gmail.com I will do my utmost to be of assistance.


Event Guide 24th October.

We will be meeting at the Ford of Bruinen at 6.00pm (est).

We will be walking to Rivendell. We may be walking further if we reach a total of $6000!

Everyone is welcome to join our walk.

There is rumour of Music from Andunie and more trivia from me, Lilikate.

If you are having trouble getting to the event please shout out in regional or send a /tell to me or any of the staff or walking company and we will come and help you, or summon you.

Remember the first rule of the Fellowship Walk 2013! Do not overtake the lead Hobbit! 🙂





  1. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Great pictures yet again!!!

    Congratulations to you all, for all your hard work and effort.

  2. Fionwyn /

    Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication. This is an amazing recap and wonderful pictures. In 15 years of playing MMO’s, this is the most epic thing I’ve ever been a part of. I get hassled by family for being a gamer, especially at my age. This just goes to show that gamers know how to give their support to important causes – we pony up the dough and have fun doing it. Cheers!

    • Agree 100%. When game life can influence real life in such a positive way, it’s a great thing to be a part of!

  3. That is hilarious… I didn’t even realize how overwhelmingly tall our kinship has become! Thanks Lilikate and LOTRO Players for your hard work and dedication!

  4. Erikin /

    It was a pleasure and honor to play. And such a good cause, all of you have been wonderful, thank you.

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