(Giveaway Ended) Fellowship Walk $4500 Goal Giveaway!

Riders of Rohan Expansion Pic

Winners have been chosen and have won.  Giveaway is closed.

Congratulations to John!

LOTRO Players is giving away a copy of a Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition Expansion thanks to people donating to the Fellowship Walk!  To help us unlock more giveaways, donate to the Walk!  All donations go to Child’s Play.

Riders of Rohan Heroic Edition Expansion includes:

Ride into Combat atop your loyal War-steed as you defend the people of Rohan from the forces of Isengard and Mordor. Join with the Rohirrim and ride across the sprawling plains of Eastern Rohan. Raise high your sword to fight for honor and glory in the name of Théoden King!

Heroic Edition Features
Introducing Mounted Combat
Ride into Combat atop your loyal War-steed as you defend the people of Rohan from the forces of Isengard and Mordor. Customize your War-steed’s armor and level its skills over time to aid you in mounted defense of King Théoden’s lands. Mount your steed and gather your fellows to fight against Warbands, contingents of roving wargs and orcs that have been scouted all over the Plains of Rohan! It falls to you to head off and defeat this new threat before they over take the land.

Explore Largest Landscape Yet!
Nearly three times as large as Moria! Join with the Rohirrim and ride across the sprawling Eastern Plains of Rohan. Raise high your sword to fight for honor and glory in the name of Théoden King! Experience hundreds of new quests, earn new favor, gear, deeds and more!

The Epic Story Continues
The Fellowship is on the move once again and must achieve their task at all cost. It falls to you to clear the path and turn the Eye of the Enemy away from their progress as you aid the Rohirrim in their own struggle close by. Witness the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen; forge alliances with the Ents of Fangorn; and aid Éomer, nephew of Théoden, as he seeks to protect his homeland from the growing Shadow.

Advance to Level 85
Learn what it means to be Rohirrim as you face new challenges throughout the Riddermark on your journey to level 85. Continue your legend as you grow in power with new skills and deeds and earn new armor and gear to aid you in the battles to come.

The Steed of the Eastemnet
An exclusive Rohirrim Mount

Hauberk of the Eastemnet
An exclusive Rohirrim cosmetic chest piece

Friend of the Mark
An exclusive in-game Rohirrim title

Evendim, Moria, and Lothlórien Quest Packs
Over 650 quests, 10 fellowship instances, and two raids

1,000 Turbine Points for use in the Turbine Store

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below.  Duplicate comments from the same user will be only counted once.  Each comment will be assigned a number in order.  The winners will be selected with a random number generator.  The winners will be contacted through the email attached to the account/comment.

Please make sure you have a valid email that you check regularly attached to the account you are commenting with.  We will send an email to the winner.  The winner will have a week to respond.  Once they respond we will send them the expansion code and the contest will end.  If  the winner does not respond within a week, we will choose and contact a new winner who will also have a week to respond.  This will continue to repeat until we find a winner.

All LOTRO Players past or current staff and immediate family are not be eligible for this contest.

Help Us Have More Giveaways!

Want to see more giveaways?  We need your help!  We need to get to the next goals (shown below) to get more giveaways.  All donations go to Child’s Play.

Donate to the Fellowship Walk.

Future Giveaways for money raised by 10/24!

$5000 – LOTRO 60 Day VIP Time Code

$5500 – LOTRO 60 Day VIP Time Code

$6000 – First 4 Expansions Pack

$7000 – Helm’s Deep Premium Edition

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and dedication!

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  1. Glorgnorbor /

    Count me in!!

  2. Lsuman /

    Gotta get in on this too! Great Job raising the money everyone!

  3. Laerlenn /

    My son would love this!

  4. yaay! ^_____________^

  5. Theselion /


  6. Nice. YIPPY!

  7. Jestro of Windfola /

    Sure I can find a home for this :)

  8. Rodrodhan /

    I would like to participate too, if it’s not too late.

  9. Ride now for Rohan and a Red Dawn

  10. I would like to enter.
    Congratulations on $4500!

  11. AstroWolfD /

    A red (dawn) October awaits!

  12. Thindion /

    I would like this

  13. Luchetto /

    i need this precioussss expansion!!!

  14. Bloobwulf /

    Wd love to have this expansion.

  15. Wilros /

    Count me in!

  16. Fionwyn /

    Count me in! :-)

  17. Brabbo /


  18. Jason St. Pierre /

    I’m in.

  19. Jeff Kossack /

    Crossing my fingers!

  20. JustinMichael /

    Still need this

  21. Keep up the good work! And count me in.

  22. Jckwik /

    I would love this. :)

  23. Robert Holdford /

    A comment you say!

  24. Martin /

    oh wow!

  25. Would love to have this added. :)

  26. Fernando /

    Thank you!!! I would love to win.

  27. Cory Rhodes /

    Awesome giveaway!

  28. Martin /

    Really like what you’re doing here ^^

  29. Gerjen /

    Count me in, I don’t have this yet!

  30. Im in!

  31. Please!

  32. Brandgar /

    Can’t say no to free stuff.

  33. Ravyrn /

    Keep up the good work!

  34. Solahel /

    Fingers crossed! :)

  35. Chihaya /

    *crosses fingers* XD

  36. Beaker /

    I’d like to have a chance at this.

  37. Draivon /

    Fantastic work raising that much! Very well done!

  38. Great job! Keep it going this is really great.

  39. Awesome :)

  40. Matthew /

    Sounds Great.

  41. Meneldur /

    Nice Giveaway.

  42. LOTRO player here

    ‘); DROP TABLE

  43. My son needs a copy of this.

  44. Allison Brandt /


  45. Teresa R /

    Let’s RIDE! Riders of Rohan!

  46. Simba0204 /

    Would love this!

  47. Muddybrook /

    Well done!

  48. Munapea /

    My wife would like that, it’s the only expansion she doesn’t have.:)

  49. Cool giveaway

  50. This is an example for others.keep it on!

  51. I want to play this expansion so bad but I dont have enough tp to get it xD

  52. LOTRO player here

  53. Emlissel /

    Wow, this is awesome! I’m so glad to hear about all the money raised so far :)

  54. Michelle Abrego /

    Count me in

  55. Meneldur /

    Nice Giveaway!

  56. Maximilian /

    This is an awesome idea! I’m going to have to look into this charity a bit more later.

  57. Cuglin /

    Congratulations! Love all the support for these efforts!

  58. Awesome prize and an awesome cause!

  59. kundvagn /

    Wouldn’t mind one of those, that’s for sure!

  60. BEst of luck to all!!!

  61. Know my kids would love this

  62. Verence /

    Sounds neat!

  63. Count me in

  64. DavidBalazs /

    Good to be on board!

  65. Yannis /

    Pick me please!

  66. I love seeing all the different people doing stuff like this!

  67. I’m so excited for the new expansion!

  68. Susana /

    Congratulations, that is fantastic. Please include me in the competition, if possible. Thank you!

  69. Count me in! Thanks.

  70. Melchon /

    So all we have to do is leave a comment to enter? Nice :)
    And gratz to passing the 5,500 mark

  71. Ethelad /


  72. Fulint /

    Nice idea, good luck to everyone and good luck for the foundation.

  73. Aw nice!

  74. Amanda B. /

    Congrats on raising $4500 and commends to you for participating in such a worthy cause! =]

  75. Liveral /


  76. So excited for LOTRO!!!

  77. Yes please!

  78. It would be nice to get this expansion

  79. Good initiative lotro!!!

  80. Dana Kubilus /

    What a nice idea! :)

  81. Fergus /

    Uh-oh… I’ll never get to play anything else if they keep releasing more LOTRO ;-)

  82. Debbie in Memphis /

    I’d love to win! What a great cause!!

  83. Would love love love this. Helms deep looks amazing!!

    • Andang /

      Just making sure you know this is for Riders of Rohan. However, if we make our 7,000 goal we will do a HD giveaway!

  84. Count me in, too.

  85. Bethen /

    Very cool. Excited!

  86. Bollan /

    Great initiative!

  87. Telturwen /

    Im in, too! :)

  88. Telturwen /

    I’m in! :)

  89. Sandbur /

    Cool, very cool!

  90. Steve Cooley /


  91. Hirthan /

    Good job with the walk, folks.

  92. Kheese /

    Charity work is always a nice thing to see!

  93. Would definitely love this.

  94. Kjell Andersson /

    Honourable to have giveaways. Children in need should have some presents instead of us.

  95. Alex del Rosal /

    Could use this, I’m in

  96. Ciramorn /

    Good luck everyone.

  97. William /

    Count me in.

  98. Brandon Holmberg /

    Hope the kids charity gets more donations best of luck,Brandon

  99. Michael /

    I’am in.

  100. Nice work!

  101. Azoran LeAmlug /

    awesome, I could use this!

  102. Eloc Goodman /

    Thanks for doing this.I’ll enter

  103. Kazren /

    I would love to win one so I could give the code to my friend. Thank you for the opportunity!

  104. Chocolate LotroFan /

    I say HELLS TO THE YES COUNT ME IN, fingers/toes and anything else possible crossed for the win good luck to all (but more luck to me because i wants it !!!!!)

  105. Dehalim /

    *press thumb* let me win! :)

  106. You have my bow.

  107. very nice

  108. Turmanarmo /

    This is awesome that you guys are raising money for child’s play

  109. tkh1304 /

    Nice purpose and rewards :)

  110. JaceSana /

    Here’s my entry :-)

  111. This would be a swell one to win. :)

  112. What a generous giveaway! Would love to jump in.

    Congratulations, also, on the success of the Fellowship Walk!

  113. luvabuggy /

    Awesome cause. May you get even further in your goals!

  114. DJPimpDaddy /

    Woot. Count me in too.

  115. Sigrlinn /

    Great job on the charity event. Carry on the good work

  116. The8biteng /

    Cant wait to win! Haha thanks for the giveway!

  117. Macey Brinich /

    This is really cool! I’m glad to have heard about it through a friend!


  119. Orpheaus /

    Good stuff. Keep it up :)

  120. Christine /

    Rohan! I’m so excited for this contest and Helm’s Deep! :D This is awesome!

  121. Leijona /

    Great deal!

  122. Skalanis /

    Congrats! Great thing you are all doing for a great cause. :)

  123. SLewis /

    Would love to win this for my husband.

  124. Let’s win!

  125. blosco /

    Count me in!

  126. Acerale /

    Yaay! I’m in :)

  127. Count me in!

  128. Headed to the donation page now!

  129. Pick me!

  130. *Crossing fingers*

  131. Hot dang been saving turbine points for that

  132. Awesome comp and great work!

  133. Onomatic /

    Sorry all, but I need to reduce your chances of winning slightly so I can play too. :D Good luck all and thanks to the Fellowship Walk for the giveaway!

  134. Steven /

    woooo a giveaway :D

  135. TempestSong /

    Yay! Count me in!

  136. Katie I /

    *drools* Would love this.

  137. Eggman /

    Thank you for benefiting Child’s Play!

  138. I’m in!

  139. Great fundraiser and contest!

  140. I already have the expansion, but it would be nice to feel like a winner. Maybe I could give it to my wife or something. Good luck to everyone. :)

  141. Good work on the Fellowship walk :)

  142. Eustace Jacques /

    Awsome job raising that much for children.

  143. Thank you for making this contest!

  144. Hammad Reyaz /

    Would love to have the price

  145. Count me in!

  146. Me too

  147. Eledhwenya /

    This is so awesome! You guys are great!

  148. Thorir Grangus /

    Thank you for the chance at receiving for giving.

  149. Tristan /

    I’d like to participate!

  150. daniel /

    Best wishes for the success of your noble cause

  151. giotis /

    Thx for the chance you give us!

  152. Mizrach /

    Sign me up :)

  153. Mizrach /

    Sign me up :):

  154. Jan (Nidi) Pettersson /

    Me me me! I am Nidi!

  155. Liahim /

    Count me in. ;)

  156. Good idea

  157. Mathili /

    Free RoR heroic edition sounds great!

  158. Stephen Hess /

    I’m game for an expansion!

  159. meriadain /

    Me please:) good job btw!

  160. Jonathan Postlewaite /

    I’ll give it a go.

  161. Chojin /

    I gladly participate

  162. Glenn1904 /

    I’m in

  163. Congratulations on reaching the goal.

  164. Gaelather /

    Go go lotro players ;-)

  165. Yay!

  166. Cool! Finally anotger chance to get Rohan! I hope that I can fight with my war steed there soon, because of you guys! Good luck with ur doings!

  167. Stefanos /

    Winning that would make my month

  168. Thanks for this great opportunity! :)

  169. That would be really neat.

  170. Milana /

    hope for the best :)

  171. Baba S. /

    Wohoo, great work!

  172. Good luck to all, but I hope I will win this :)

  173. Soldanella /

    Congrats and thanks!

  174. Count me in please!

  175. over here!

  176. -Flips a coin- HEADS!

  177. Juan Campos /

    I’m in! Great work!

  178. FDussault /

    Thanks for your generosity.

  179. Sheryl /

    Congrats on making the goal and then some! Pick me for premium edition please!!! <3 LOTRO!

  180. greg moody /

    sign me up

  181. Theodlard /


  182. Lethos /

    Keep up the good work!

  183. In it to win it. Thanks for doing this!

  184. nice initiative :)

  185. Very Nice!!

  186. cool

  187. a great game for a great cause, there is still good left in the realms

  188. this is really nice, congratulations for the iniciative!

  189. Dbo113 /

    To new victories!

  190. Here we go!!!

  191. lilsere /

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  192. Werbeorn /

    Congratulations & thanks!

  193. Linorion /

    This add-on is my preciousss….Hope i’m gonna catch it !

  194. Howard /

    Good work! Keep it up!

  195. Schorle /


  196. Great initiative

  197. <3

  198. Happy to be a part of this worthy cause!
    Great work, everyone!

  199. gwaihilvil /

    Ooooh….yes please

  200. Mirlaen /

    Woohoo! So proud of you all!

  201. LotRO really does have the best community!

  202. Well done.

  203. Celirael /

    For a good cause!

  204. Marakot /

    Good luck with the fund raiser. And good luck to all in the contest.

  205. boy oh boy this looks damn fine

  206. Marc1314 /

    I’ve just recently came back to LotRO after about a 9 month absence and my Warden is slightly confused with the changes made to him by the developers. It’s like having to learn it all over again.

  207. Congratulations on reaching the goal!

  208. Why didn’t I know of this site sooner? Count me in too!

  209. Love Lotro!

  210. so many good causes! luck with yours!

  211. My son NEEDS this please. But Great success Myst

  212. Michael /

    Good luck to everyone, here’s my entry.

  213. Keep donating everybody!

  214. Keep up the good work!

  215. Barb Harmon /

    Count me in. :)

  216. Sephiria /

    I would very much like to win this. But good luck everyone. :)

  217. Maximilian /

    Wow. Twitter = suddenly tons of comments!

  218. Oh this is so great! Count me in too! :)

  219. Rasimir /

    I like this.

  220. Omg! i wish i could! oh please god!

  221. count I in
    I is pleased to be in count

  222. Melybj /

    Thanks for your efforts!

  223. This would be so cool!

  224. Attila /

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  225. Long ways to go yet <3

  226. Enjoykiller /

    I hope, i will be counted in :)

  227. Pick me please! :)

  228. Thanks for your generocity and your efforts towards such a noble cause. Even though I already own RoR should I win I will donate the code to my kin.

    Lotro’s community rocks:-)

  229. Karen Gallaghar /

    My leveling partner needs one.

  230. Amazing giveaway! Thanks guys!

  231. Count me in!

  232. Fireydragon of imla /

    awesome :)

  233. too late?

  234. F Quiroz /

    I’ll take one thanks.

  235. Luchen /

    Good work ;)

  236. Buffuy /

    Finally found this site too. Great work guys!

  237. an entry by any other name, is still an entry… 8P

  238. Kalista Neal /

    this is so cool :-)

  239. I enjoy soup. Also LotRO. And helping awesome things happen.

    I also happen to enjoy the act of winning things.

  240. Jetsky /

    I hope to see all the content in the game eventually, and this would help.

  241. William /

    Been a long time since I played LOTRO, I was thinking about giving it a go again, then this shows up in my email. This would be an awesome way to get back into the game.

  242. Count me in! :)

  243. Count me in

  244. So which John won it? There are three! Has it been claimed? Congratulations to the other John if it has!

    • Andang /

      Sorry, yeah it was the other John and yes the winner has claimed the prize.

      This was his comment…
      “Know my kids would love this”

      Thanks for entering and best of luck!

      • Grats to the other John :)

        And thanks Andang for running these great giveaways!


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