Fellowship Walk Progress and Announcements.


Speeches and Announcments at Bree Stage


Hullo Everyone, Welcome to the Fellowship Walk Progress.

Today I am going to share with you all some highlights from last weeks events. Then continue onto announcements for all things Walk related.

We are drawing to a close of the Fellowship Walk with the last gathering only a little more than a week away.

Lets look back for a moment at last Saturdays event…

10273908413_9158c02170_b (1)

Lilikate in the Slammer.

It was all going so well until some Bree Guard arrested Lilikate! There was quite the Drama opposite the Prancing Pony with the little hobbit vigorously defending a Dwarf’s right to be “Hammered” in public. However it seemed at one point that the walk would be going no further than South Bree that day.

ScreenShot00229 (1)

Not alone for long, friends join Lilikate.

Shortly after the other members discovered Lilikate in the cells of Bree Jail and decided to keep her company while Mysteri tried to come up with the bail money.


20 Gold Coins? Who has money?


As we had given all out Silver and Copper to the Baby Hobbits Fund no one had the 20g for Bail so we decided to effect a jail break and “do a runner”! Crazily we let off fireworks inside the Jail and when the guards were busy with the indoor rockets, someone got the door open and we all bolted!


Meeting up again outside Bree Town.

We all gathered by the South Bree milestone, and after much mutual back clapping we got ready to walk.


Goodbye Bree.

We left in good spirits and headed east along the road.

Thinking the Guards may still be pursuing us we took an off road path to avoid detection.


Leaving the road, it begins to rain.

We ducked through the woods and tried to leave as little trail as possible. As the Midgewater Marshes loomed into view the skies opened.


Difficult for Lilikate to navigate these Marshes in the grey and wet gloom.

The skies grew darker and the rain fell harder and even the experienced Hobbit Scout Lilikate had trouble finding the stopping point in zero visibility.


The rain turned into an official Deluge!


We pushed on and made camp in a dry spot of ground, just after setting off again we found the point where we were supposed to camp. A huge Chetwood tree that grew all alone.


The First of Many Group Screenshots.

The rain fell and the skies grew purple, but soon we were heading out again and toward the end of the Midgewater Marshes.


If you have a good pair of boots and weatherproof coat, it wasn’t so bad.

Many of us were glad to see the end of the boggy land and as we climbed out of the marshes the sun came out to dry out our damp moods.


The Path through the Weatherhills.

We soon made good speed through this part of country, we spotted a ruin ring of stones where once long ago lived men.


Another group screenshot. Gondrin.

The sun went down and the moon came out as we pressed ever onwards, avoiding Orcs and Spies of the enemy.


With Lilikate in the lead you’ll not get lost!

Finally after much toil and many complaint of sore feet the Ruined Tower came into view.


Finally, Amon Sul we wonder what also may be lurking at this land mark.

We were all tired and headed straight for the camp to get dinner ready and to have a well earned sit down!


Dinner and a Song from a wandering Ranger Lady.

We were very surprised to be met not by a foe but a friend. This Lady Ranger blessed us all with a Song about Beren and Luthien. All listened and were attentive, even the Hobbits chomped quietly.


A song from long ago.

After making everyone comfortable with a tale and bite to eat. A sudden cold dread crept over the company. As we looked for the cause of this new fear we spotted black horsemen advancing toward our camp!


What do we do?

Luckily we had the Wisdom of the Lady Ranger who yelled at us all to run for the top of the Ruined Tower, to form a ring and light as many fires and fireworks as we possibly could.


Harassing little Hobbits!

Well we let off fireworks! lit as many camp fires as we could, Wielding lanterns and torches to keep the darkness away.


We lit the night sky with all the colours of the rainbow.


The Shadow retreated for the night. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

After some time we were sure the Riders had gone. We made our way back down to the camp and had a little dinner and a rest. We still had to reach Rivendell!


Lilikate in the lead as we climb down Weathertop.

Our guest bards this week were to play to help heal our hearts of the night terrors.

The Andune Ensemble were wonderful to help heal and recharge.


Many thanks to The Andune Ensemble.

We decided to depart as soon as possible, there were spies abroad and Orcs. Time to move on.


Amon Sul behind us, a new day dawns.

We made good speed through these bleak and desolate lands. We crossed the East-West road and took to what cover we could find. Which was precious little.


Passing Ost Cryn, we managed to defeat any enemies that tried to attack us.

The only strange thing to happen in this part of the world was the discovery of a wrecked wagon from The Shire. We also discovered some books that were clearly written in The Shire. Baffling!


The bog looms.

We decided to take a small detour, as we knew the Last Bridge would be watched by the Enemy.


We discovered another wrecked wagon from The Shire and more Books!

Off we darted down into Haloeg, you can hear Trolls here. After a short camp and a bite to eat we left for drier ground.


Leaving the Bog.

For a short time we had to trust to our luck and take to the road as there was little cover. Soon we saw the bridge.


At last, some trees!

Time for another Gathering of the Walking Fellowship.


Another Landmark another Group Screenshot.

We head over the Bridge and into another region of Middle-Earth. I am glad of the trees! A little ground cover will make it more difficult to spot us from afar.


Entering to the Trollshaws and taking to the road once more.

The colours of this land were all muted shades of brown, red, green and gold. Reminds me of Yule-Tide! Not too far into this area we had to again avoid pursuit and get off the road.


Beautiful landscape, shame about the trolls!

The Trolls in this land were no match for our Security Team in Red!


Cooking Pots! Big enough for a party of walkers to climb into.

It was strange to find these pots in this part of the land, but we all had fun getting inside them. Apart from the folks who wanted to keep their clothes stink free!


Finally we arrive at our destination!

We arrive! Hurray! It was a long trek and we all are looking forward to making camp and getting some rest.

Not too far from Rivendell now! Let’s hope we can get there next time we meet for the Fellowship Walk.




Vending: I would like to let it be made clear that items from our Fellowship Walk Vendors: Alesel andZyngor are completly free and without obligation. They will, if pressed take donations for the Pie and Trivia Prize fund. Do not donate to any other players please as we cannot be certain we will receive those goods.


Turbine so kindly gifted the fellowship walk with title codes to hand out to participating players.


An Unexpected Traveller. Screenshot by Lilikate Buggins.


The usual method to claim a code is to email this address: Fellowshipwalk@gmail.com,  send me an anecdote about the Fellowship Walk  you attended. Also you can just write in tell me what a wonderful organiser I am, or send in virtual pie.

You can also send a note through the quick post Lilikate on the Landroval Server giving your anecdote about the walk. Compliments and Pie also accepted!

I would like to extend this offer to players unable to join our LOTRO event:  If you make a donation to Child’s Play, leaving your characters name and server in the comments section I will send you a code through the LOTRO mail system. Minimum donations of $1.00 will be accepted.

I will send you an in-game letter with a code and instructions (In English). I will be less able to assist those German, and French Speakers but I will do my best to help you.

Be sure to donate to Child’s Play through the links provided and remember to write in the comments box your name (or an alts name) and server.


This offer extends to those who play on:

(These are the servers I can create characters on).





























I will keep issuing codes until I have none left to give. Codes are issued on a first come, first served basis.

The Fellowship Walk continues on the 19th October at 1.30pm to 4.30pm

We meet at Bilbo’s Stone Trolls for a Big Party!

Come along for good music, trivia and plenty of Dancing.

We may even walk a little bit!


You may need: Your best party outfit and be prepared to impress!


The Last Map.


Bruinen River, Trollshaws–$4 000

Rivendell, Last Homely House–$5 000


Although the many of the competitions closed last Saturday. There is still one open to all:

Answer these riddles and Email them to: Fellowshipcompetitions@gmail.com

Treasure Hunt Clues:

  1. In the east, I am nestled in, but if I have to, a journey I can begin.
  2. My master stands by and lets me snore, but be careful for if woken there be bites galore.
  3. Silently watching the river flow by, I stand vigilantly reaching into the sky
  4. If you don’t want to get wet, then I am your best bet, but seemingly absent you have to swim for the present.
  5. You were asked to join me and if you so did, under a feathered cap your hair is thus hid.
  6. Throw a penny in and wish away, but deny me the coin and your wishes will fail.
  7. Don’t give me a walking stick made from wood, just drift off to sleep if you would.
  8. I love to be happy, I love to sing. Dance with me and let the fun begin.
  9. Small and cosy, I can be, the most valuable thing if you want privacy.
  10. North, South, East or West, my arms get tired directing your quest.
  11. Always working never shirking, carries fings.
  12. Those Dwarven pests, broke me in half, so now I sit here kindling for your hearth.
  13. Cleanse the well by filling my pail and I will stay here in case you fail.
  14. Here I stand strong and tall, but now only spiders are within our walls.
  15. Found in the skies, we are not, and carved on stone we glitter not.
  16. Standing tall in the land, I am where you may make your last stand.
  17.  Green by nature, but not by sight, I will burn quickly if set alight.
  18.  Small and green, but not a tree, here I stand alone but not lonely.
  19.  Ruined we are for the race of man, but within these crumbling walls, many orcs do span.
  20.  Ancient as the stones around we are. Our villages and tribes are scattered far.
  21.  Many leaves have I, but not a tree. Here on the ground I lie, pick me up for free.
  22.  Needles we have, though thread we do not. Scented and alluring, prickly we are not.
  23.  We aim to be tall as the tallest trees. But young are we, so more supple we seem to be.
  24.  Grey and brown, cold or hot, we are the larger versions of rocks.
  25.  Dinner we would have had, but the sun came up and made the hobbit glad.
  26.  Calm and still I might be, but whether you cross is still up to me.

You may even win this impressive map from WETAnz! (shipping included with the prize).

See link for full terms and conditions…

Thanks to:

The Andune Ensemble: Music and more music, many thanks we really appreciate your efforts to keep us all entertained

Mysteri and Kosher: For getting up at Obscene O’Clock to send Lilikate to Jail.

Kilni: Getting arrested.. I hope you enjoyed it!

My Jail Bird Friends and Jail Breakers: Freedom and Liberty! Oh and Pie!

The Security Team: I don’t know how many we had die but you took this beast down twice!


Big Nasty Troll he died twice!

Katinas: Amazing screen shots, there are more on her flickr, see link below. Thank you!

Pineleaf: Live streaming and constant commentary! Thank you. Oh and for helping me remember to spell “QUEUE” properly.

Andang: Determination and persistance… and for getting those donations to help the sick children.

All Who Donated, Walked and Supported



Treasure Hunt Donate to Child’s Play Last minute bargin at the Auction LOTRO Players Screenshots Screenshots by Katinas Live Stream Leg 4! Watch me!


A Final Thought:

A few things I would like to stress, although this is a charity event where we are trying very hard to reach our goal of $5000.  Our LOTRO event is open to all players, we would feel rotten if players stayed away from all our prepared fun just because they are unable to contribute money.  Please join in! and remember LOTRO is a game, lets have fun together! supporting this great cause in whatever way we can.

If you feel you would like to contact a member of LOTROPlayers.com about this event.

Please feel free to email: Lilikatebuggins@gmail.com

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  1. Floradine /

    You all do a great job with this walk. You guys are simply awesome. Thank you so much for doing it and all the hard work and time you invest in this. In my book you can be very proud of this.

    • Wilros /

      I echo these comments. All the work going into these auctions, fundraising, and activities is amazing!


    Lots of awesome screen shots!

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      I had a good sample from my Screenshoters, Andang, Lanvoc.
      And Our New! Official Fellowship Walk Screenshot Taker: Katinas.

  3. Very nice. I love it. You are a natural story teller (and doing it for a very good cause too). *hugs* Keep up all the good work.

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    Poor lilikate behind bars!!!

    Lovely screenshots, really nice. It looks like great fun is being had.

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    The article looks awesome!

    See, I *do* love you Lilikate! :-)

    Seriously though, It’s an honor to be part of this, and I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am.

    Celkat aka Katinas

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      That shot at the bottom is amazing Kat as are many of your shots…
      Please more deluge on Saturday…I love the folks in a line shots against the landscape!

  6. knowfere /

    Aw Darn, I missed a REALLY fun event! /grumble Hopefully I will be able to catch up with the walkers this weekend! Wonderful screenshots of a wonderful event.


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