The Last of the Fellowship Walk Auctions



Hullo Everybody,

As we are approaching the end of our Fellowship Walk our totals are getting ever harder to reach.

To help us try and get to those last goals I have posted the final batch of auctions.

I hope there is something appealing in this last group to make you all bid and help us get to Rivendell.

Thanks to every one who have donated, bid and walked with us.


Links to New Auctions:

Landroval 20 black dyes

Die with Mysteri and Rolfrage on Arkenstone


Fallout 3


War of the Roses

Star Wars Jedi Knight


Trine 2



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  1. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Lets give a big round of applause to Lilikate for all her hard work!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Thank You Pashbo!

  3. Fionwyn /

    I second that, a HUGE round of applause for Lilikate! *Cheers*!!!

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