A Musical Lesson with Keli Auction




Hello There!


I have had the pleasure to be able to play LOTRO music with Keli on a weekly basis with The Andune Ensemble. He is a very talented LOTRO Musician.

Here you can learn how to turn a song of your choosing into a performance!  A fantastic offer and we thank Keli for letting us auction his services.

[wpauction id=”15″ /]


  1. What! $1 – is that all I’m worth 🙁

    And now I have to work with an excited hobbit who’ll probably be constantly distracted by muffins or the like!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I actually paid 6 whole dollars, but messed up the payment. I got receipts tho.

    Muffins! Yeah I get your point! I am a bit hungry!….

    Prepare yourself and I suggest maybe a drinkie or two.


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