LOTRO Store Sales 27th Sept – 3rd Oct.



Free Sample of the Week:


Enhanced XP supply x1

Use Coupon Code SUPXP 1/Account

Lilikate Says: A nice freebie if your trying to get to cap before the new content arrives.


Store Sales


Riding Traits 20% Off

995-2995 796-2396

Upgrade your character, or your account today! Increase the speed of your mounts in your collection to +68% or +78% speed.

Look for:
Apprentice Riding Trait
Apprentice Riding Trait (Account)
Journeyman Riding Trait (Account)

Includes skill Smell the Roses to bring you back to the mount’s normal speed.


Store Location: Travel & Housing -> Travel Traits

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: I am very tempted to get this upgrade. I like whizzing about sometimes!


Premium Wallet Upgrade 20% Off

995 796

Purchasing this offer will allow you to move ALL barter items from your inventory and shared storage into the wallet permanently. This includes instance and skirmish tokens, region barter tokens, festival tokens, taxidermy barter items, legendary item barter tokens, crafting instance tokens and crafted runic barter items. This offer applies to all newly created characters and must only be purchased once.


Store Location: Account → Account Upgrades

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Nice that this is on sale again. I freed up so much space when I bought this upgrade.


Experience Disabler 20% Off

495 396

Feel like you’re leveling too fast, and want to slow your character’s progression down? When equipped, this item disables character experience earning from monster kills, crafting, and quest completions. This item is equipped into your pocket item slot. This item binds to your character when you equip it. Delivers a Stone of the Tortoise. Note: Only disables experience used to gain character levels.


Store Location: Buffs & Boosts ->Advancement -> XP

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: I have this, a nice object if you want to sample all the quests on level.


Rejuvenation Potions 20% Off

50-450 40-360

A healing potion that scales to your level and heals both Morale AND Power!

This potion will heal you for a large base amount, and then a smaller amount every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds.


Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Potions → Power / Morale

Levels: 5+

Lilikate Says: I have a few of these in my bags already. The are ok but I doubt I would see the need to buy them.


Universal Morale and Power Potions 20% Off

25-200 20-160

Potions that scale to your level!

These potions will heal you for a large base amount, and then a smaller amount every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds.


Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Potions → Power / Morale

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: These are handy but I would buy and use morale potions from the NPC rather than buying them from the store.


Housing Decorations 20% Off

150-495 120-396

Is your house feeling a little empty? Spruce it up! Add some flare with one of the housing decorations supplied in the LOTRO Store!



Store Location: Travel & Housing -> House Decorations

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Now, this could be a nice sale, I wonder what’s on offer. I shall have a good rummage when I am next playing.





Also: Steed of Night, Steed of Dagorlad, and Set of the Norcrofts



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  1. I bought the Premium Wallet Upgrade over a year ago… and it’s amazing. I reclaimed 12 storage spaces between my personal bags and vault. It is, without a doubt, one of the best upgrades a player can buy in the store. It’s account-wide, permanent, and really becomes almost necessary once you hit Moria, and beyond.

    Plus, if you are long-time player, you can hold on to tokens and items from festivals, events, and factions, without taking up any space! Rusted Dwarf Tools and Khuzdul Tablets from Moria: out of your bags. Bronze/Silver/Gold barter tokens: out of your bags. No more fretting about Inn League tokens taking up space in your vault from festival to festival, keep them forever! No more getting annoyed at taxidermy items or fishes cluttering up your precious bag space. And no more forgetting about festival tokens in your vault. It’s all in one place.

    Note: Once you purchase this from the store, you will need to go through your personal vault/housing chests/shared storage and withdraw items that should go into the Premium Wallet.

  2. I treated myself to the Steed of Esgaroth, so I’ve got to stow some pennies! But the riding upgrades look interesting indeed. They’re only for non-combat mounts, right?

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I took this from the store:
    This trait makes all of your travelling mounts that are +68% speed and lower travel at +78% speed. This makes all of your travelling mounts faster than a store exclusive mount! This trait will be given to every character on your account permanently, whether they were created before or after you bought this offer. Also includes the Riding Trait required to ride any mount. This offer delivers a package item that contains the Apprentice Riding Trait and the basic Riding Trait, as well as the Smell the Roses skill, which turns off all mount speed buffs while active. The tooltips on your mount skills will not change to show this new speed.

    Riding trait mount bonuses are automatically turned off upon entering the Ettenmoors.

  4. Good sales this week, and my favorite free sample! Premium wallet is a must, get it on sale if you plan to play for any length of time.

  5. Super XP…er sorry Enhanced XP used already 🙂

    Wish I could afford the wallet!

  6. JustinMichael /

    Premium wallet is awesome – I was just waiting for a sale. Grabbed it this morning and cleared out around 30-35 vault spaces.

    It feels so roomy in there now.

  7. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    I’m still cursing as I only purchased the journeyman riding trait at full price last week. Dooooh!

  8. Well I am a happy chappy I asked for character slots, they gave me character slots (bought 3), I asked for Journeyman riding trait, they gave me riding trait (bought that), the next thing I was going to ask for was premium wallet, but they read my mind (bought that), now I’m running out of things I need, I do need 1 skirm that I’m missing, I need RoR QP, I need some more shared storage which I passed on at 20% due to the fact it’s so expensive to start with…a 50% off everything sale would be nice 😉


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