Store Sales: 20/9/13-26/9/13.



Free Sample of the Week:

Rejuvenation Potion x1

Use Coupon Code RP387 1/Account


Lilikate Says: Thanks Turbine, I always like to have these handy for those tight spots.


Store Sales


Rune-Keeper Class 30% Off

795 557

Start A New Character of the Rune-keeper Class!

Great for solo or group play

Change your role in battle by dealing damage or healing

Launch deadly attacks from a distance

Use words of power to summon the elements

Benefit from amazing power regen.


Store Location: Account → Classes

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Great to see these classes available to all at a discounted price. The Runekeeper is a fun class to play. Nothing better than lightening strikes on Goblins!



Warden Class 30% Off

795 557

Start A New Character of the Warden Class!

Use powerful combo attacks with the unique Gambit System!

Swiftly block, parry, and evade your opponents!

Deal devastating blows & hold multiple enemies at once!

Restore your own morale!


Store Location: Account → Classes

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Great Sale: Wardens are so much fun, and if like me your memory is slightly poor the wardens can be suprising!



Character Slots 30% Off

595 417


Create one additional character on each game world! Ten character slots available!



Store Location: Account → Character Slots

Levels: All

Lilikate Says: Always room for one more alt right? I think the sale price is more reasonable than 600tps.



Skill and Slayer Deed Boost 30% Off

75-3000 53-2100


Doubles the rate at which you complete slayer deeds for 30 or 60 minutes. Single and 5 stacks available.



Store Location: Buffs & Boosts → Advancement → Deed

Levels: 5+


Lilikate Says: I have been working through my regions, making sure I complete all my deeds. Not to far away from deeding Moria and these are looking more and more appealing to me right now. I may go check out those stacks!






Also: Steed of Night, Steed of Dagorlad, and Set of the Norcrofts.


Other Sales





Shared Storage (38%of total votes) was very popular last week but still we have many folks saving points (31%of total votes).

Thanks to all who voted!


Lets see how many people like this weeks sale.

How do you pay for LOTRO?

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  1. I *might* have purchased char slots if I did not have exactly 4.5k TP with an expansion on its way.

    • Lilikate Buggins. /

      Yes, resist the evil temptation, it will only turn you into an Altoholic like me! Big Battles seem worth waiting for:)

  2. Last week I asked for character slots to go on sale and here they are 🙂 since our new toons will need to ride, I would like to see the apprentice and journeyman riding traits at 30% off next week

    • Elisabeth /

      OMG it came true! (Well, almost..20% is good too, though!) Ask for something really good for next week! 🙂

      • lol tell me about it and they put the premium wallet on sale which was the next thing I was going to ask for 😀

  3. What is the sound a lamb makes? Where I come from it is, “Meeh.”

    This sale is a bit meeh for me, even the freebie!

    Oh well…get to save some TP…or find something I don’t need and buy it at full price!

    Until next week 🙂

  4. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I may pick up a boost but I have yet to decide.


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