Helpful Herbalist–Daily Screenshots


It would appear I am not the only one who is having trouble with NPC’s being helpful.

Braxwolf’s wife’s herbalist decided to have a conversation with a wall instead of healing.

His fellowship thought “too many herbs” might be the culprit. Even Braxwolf’s bear is confused!

And Pinleaf says that herbalists are well behaved skirmish soldiers…

Thanks for sending this in, Braxwolf!



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  1. I can just imagine how well that talk went.
    “Hi wall how are you?”
    “Why don’t you talk to me?”
    “I am friends with all the walls of the world. Talk to me!”
    “Please talk to me!”
    At this point in our story children, the bear took pity on the poor hobbit herbalist. Using every word in his Lore Master’s language he knew, he uttered but six words.
    “Ok! What should we talk about?”
    This terrified to hobbit who hadn’t really talked with any wall before and was only trying to hide the fact that she ran out of herbs.
    “Ahhhh! Run for the hills! This wall just talked to me!”
    At this point the bear also revealed he could talk by uttering the same words while the hobbit was looking.
    This scared the hobbit even more and she ran for the hills!
    The End

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Loved the shot, I really liked Andang’s tale which I imagined he was telling in his old man voice!

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