Ales, Tales, and a bit of Fried Fish


ScreenShot00532With the coming of the harvest days in the Shire comes the 2nd Farm Faire!  As bakers, and farmers, butchers and fryers swarm about tiny Bywater market, visitors from all across Middle-Earth find their way to enjoy the festivities. Among such celebratory moments, is the grand ole music heard through out the Green Country!

With flies a buzzing, and flogs a ribbiting, carefully honed notes drifted across the grassy knoll next to the Bywater Fishing pond. As fish were fished, and fried with lemon drippings and just the right pepper, participants of this weeks Ales & Tales enjoyed a bit of relaxing!

Each week, the “Lonely ScreenShot00523Mountain Band” hosts coming together for any to tell a tale, drink some ale, and play a bit of music guaranteed to make your dreams sail!

This weeks A&T was once again opened up with its traditional theme song by members of the “Lonely Mountain Band”, as they continued to play gently drifting music that made even Lobella speachless! This week feathered the musings of Tamaro, Lilikate, Lhinnthel, Tearna,  Mornawen and yours truly!

The night continued on as a tale was woven by the beautiful Everose, followed by music from recent Weatherstock performers, “Flock of Smeogols” , who surprised onlookers by performing on horseback. Melanie continued the next chapter of her ever intriguing story that no one wants to ever come to an end! Is it possible?

Tamaro provided us with a pleasant tale of the Sons of Numenor’s “Festival of Lights”

This week, there was a larger then normal interest in musical mentoring. While nearly all of the instruments requested were fulfilled, more could have been taught. If you have interest in helping to mentor others during next weeks A&T, please contact Lilikate. Let the whole world be filled with music!

The night came to a close by the members of Old Winyards playing away, with a few stumbles here and there! But, was enjoyed so greatly there were calls for a third last song! Yes, we did indeed have a second last song! And, it was spectacular!

Current week’s announcements

The Green Hill Music Society performs in Michel Delving, at the Bird and Baby, Tuesdays at 10:00pm. Unless they’re off on an adventure, or something.

“Look for the band Bright Star on Wednesday evenings in Bree-town!
They’ll be in the park across from the jail, around 9-10pm.”

And watch for Andúnië every other Thursday around 9:00 pm at the Festival Stage in Duillond.

Also watch for live music at the Dolwood Tavern! If you have any questions, please contact Prindle.

BBB (yes, the infamous “Bards Beers and Longbeards”) performs Saturdays at midnight in Bree-town …unless they are taking a break, hiding from the Watch … or can’t make bail.

And the Andune Ensemble performs Sundays at 3:00 pm, in Bree-town. Unless, you know, they’re taking a day off or something.

Also, look for Les Beaux Chapeaux every Sunday at 10 pm in the Shire homestead named Treegarth. Please contact Tromblon with any questions.

Join Concerning Hobbits for their weekly party at the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving on Thursday, 8-10 EST! Enjoy music, brews, pie, and pipeweed; play games, win prizes, compete in Drunken Backwards Racing; and enjoy the fireworks show at the end! All are welcome, Big Folk too!

The Rivendell Challenge, a cross-country war steed race, will be held on Saturday, September 21st at 2:30pm! The race begins at the Forsaken Inn and has many great prizes! Folks can go to for more info.

Sons of Numenor invite all to join them for the third “Symphony of Light” in Rivendell, September 22. Activities begin 9 p.m. EST, and continue through the evening.


Ales & Tales is Landroval’s weekly gathering to tell tales, play music, and enjoy some dancing, pipeweed, and ale! Hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band, open to all on Landroval.

View all images by Forte from this week’s A&T here.


  1. Wonderful article!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    It was a very good night, but I did love what happened when most of us went home. A trio played and we had a little circle dance!

  3. Tromblon /

    Always a fun time I have at the Ales & Tales. It’s refreshing, laid-back and lots of fun. Very great article there Mr Forte!

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