Lone Lands Travel Routes Diagram


Well, this one’s a bit boring. There are only 2 proper stables in the Lone Lands and one campsite – usable only during certain quests. At any rate, I bring you the return of the travel routes diagrams! In case you were wondering, the Lone Lands is for Leveling from about 20-30.

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Lone Lands Travel Routes

Braxwolf Stormchaser


  1. Another great guide!

  2. Candaith let you off EASY this week! He must have felt at ease after all that music was heard emanating above from the nearby Weathertop…

    • Wasn’t even sure whether to put Candaith on here or not. He’s not technically a stable, but he is listed as a destination at Ost Guruth. But, I figured it would really be a boring map without him!

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I love these, the detail with the key and the distances are amazing. Definatly something I would use for reference. Thanks!

  4. algonacy /

    Um… I think there is a stable route from Saerdan north of Bree to Candaith also. Should that be on here? Love the guides by the way, thank you for your efforts.

  5. Bloobwulf /

    We need these all in one place, so we can switch back forth among.

    • Yes, we agree with you. In fact, we just made a new category where I’m going to be putting them all. If you look at the top of the page, and go do The Academy -> New Player Guides -> Travel, it should bring up all the maps!

      • Bloobwulf /


        Hope the “we need these” didn’t sound rude, as if you were doing something wrong. I was thinking the diagrams are good and I use them a lot, but on longer trips am frequently cross-referencing using bookmarks and multiple windows. This will help with that.

        Thx again.

      • I didn’t take it as being rude! I appreciate that people are finding these useful. The timing of your post was just funny because Andang and I had the same conversation just a day earlier, and had actually just re-categorized the diagrams.

  6. DancesInTrees /

    Candaith lets you travel to the Forsaken Inn at the appropriate point in the epic too – and sometimes afterwards depending on ??? (what he’s feeling like maybe!)


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