WARSTEEDS Moves to LOTRO Players


Hail and well met folks!

After a lengthy and somewhat exciting negotiation (Andang and myself may or may not have been armed to the teeth, with things such as axes, flails, hobbit legs and petrified elf ears) we have decided to move the WARSTEEDS.COM content to LOTRO Players.

Over the course of the next few days the old content will be moved here and when available can be found under the Steeds >> Warsteeds heading at the top of the page. Overtime we will work towards updating the content to reflect any changes or updates to the Mounted Combat system, and hopefully add more in the future!


  1. Oh great. Who’s going to clean up after all these horses?

  2. Andang /

    I am so excited about Warsteeds.com joining LOTRO Players! I can’t wait to see what great new content comes from the amazing content creators of THE mounted combat website. I am also excited to have the great content from Warsteeds.com on LOTRO Players!

    Sig has been an amazing addition to LOTRO Players. I look forward to our continued cooperation and teamwork.

  3. Belwynne /


    Particularly now that /follow has disappeared into the sunset (probably appropriately so) and I actually need to figure out the warsteed system! Yay!

  4. Wulfegard /

    Yes, /follow is either broken or turned off but the great and wonderful news is that mounted combat is finally working. No more warps, inexplicable side slips, or what most folks simply call rubberbanding. Indeed there are fewer of those splendid 24 member PUGs gathering at Forlaw gate. But the ones that do, where everyone RIDES their often spectacuarly appointed war horses in magnificent cavalry charges, everything before them is laid to waste…including cows whose final moo as the multitude blows past is reminescent of the movie, Twister. It’s a good time to ride 🙂

    • I have noticed a huge change as well. It is finally back to how it was on the RoR BETA. I don’t know how they messed it up but I am glad it is close to fixed!

    • This is excellent news, I was appalled at what I found upon my return after taking a month break. !!

  5. So when is the content actually going to be moved over to this site? There doesn’t seem to be anything listed under the warsteed category.


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