Dear Sig


Jonathan from Tweetland submits:

Dear Sig,
Can you acquire Keys from any mobs UNDER level 10? (I’ve heard people suggest the L8 wolves in Ered Luin but I’ve never had any)

No clue.

I might suggest you try threatening them (the wolves) with baths and not getting to go for rides with their heads hanging out of the window and they had better hand over any keys they have. It’s sure to work! But if for some weird reason it doesn’t, blame Narmeleth and hit the wolf in the face with an ax. It’ll give you anything it has in its pocketses.



The CariMac asked:

Should we be scared? Dwarves giving advice? Hopefully it’s on hitting stuff and not on fashion.

1. One should always be wary of a Dwarf and his ax. Yes, be scared.
2. Why shouldn’t we give advice? The world at large is tired of hearing Elves being emo and trying to tell people what to do.
3. Not only can I tell you WHERE exactly you should hit that orc in the face with an ax, but I can also show you how to look good doing it.
4. I am the best dressed and most handsome Dwarf you will ever see: Proof:



Braxwolf writes:

Dear Sig,
I’m tired of all this running and using stable horses. Why can’t we just fly?

There are several reasons we can’t fly. The most obvious being that Eagles are particularly snobby and prideful critters and quite frankly can’t be bothered to cart us around to deliver pies. Now before you scoff at this, remember that Elves are also snobby and [wrongfully] prideful critters and wont carry you around either.  Additionally, the engineers at Thorin’s Hall have not yet discovered steam or combustion engines, and the bands on their rubberband powered helicopters keep breaking.



A Jealous Elf asks:

Dear Sig,
What would be the best way to sneak into a dwarvish abode, lop off his beard, and affix it to my face?

-A jealous elf

What, are you mad? Lop off a Dwarf’s beard? Incomprehensible! You’d have to kill him first. (Good luck with that!) Which by the way is NOT the course of action I would recommend. If you really want a beard there is only one way for your kind to do it correctly.

1. Sail west.
2. Log out, click the delete button.
3. Once done with the deletion process click the button to create a new character.
4. Choose a dwarf.
5. ???
6. Profit




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  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Hurrah for the wisdom of the bearded folk!

  2. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Some interesting advice… 🙂

  3. Andang /

    Best Dwarf advise ever!


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