Bree-land Travel Routes Diagram


This is the first of a series I’m doing on travel in LOTRO. I plan to diagram all of the stable routes for the different zones, starting with Bree-land. Click on the image below for a larger diagram:

Bree-Land Travel Diagram

Braxwolf StormchaserBraxwolf can be found on Twitter at @Braxwolf

or on Windfola, staring at various stable masters


  1. Andang /

    Great route diagram Braxwolf!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Cool I got a little mesmerized by all the lines and trying the follow them. Will there be more of these?

  3. Yes! I wanted to do one big one, but it quickly became apparent that I was going to have to break them down per zone. Way too many lines for just one diagram!

  4. In the end, are you going to combine them all into one massive flowchart? THAT would be awesome. lol

  5. Uhhh – I guess I should read all the comments before commenting. LOL

  6. I’d love to make the diagram more interactive in the future (like, click on a stable for more information – possibly the diagram for that region) but I can’t do that with a .jpg. I’d have to probably figure out how a .pdf would work with this site, and if that would be possible. Also, now that I see it published, I think I’m going to have to enlarge the stable names so you can read them better…

    • At 100% the picture displays fine. Unless you mean for the thumbnail embedded in the post?

      • Ok, thanks. It looked good on my 23” desktop monitors last night, but a little tough to read on my 12” work laptop 🙂

  7. I like, especially the travel times between stables…
    I started something like this for The Shire, cant wait to see yours 🙂

  8. Very cool!

  9. I’m reading all these charts, too, good job. Only suggestion is to re-do Bree with dotted lines for Swift (as you did for Ered Luin), and add some kind of designation for Swift Hubs (Starter Areas, Ost Guruth, Rovendell, etc.), maybe darker color and bigger box.

    Yes, an interactive map wd be ideal, click on current location and destination and see best routes. But that sounds daunting. Most important chart is Moria, bc it’s less intuitive.

    • Yeah, I do need to re-do this one. It’s on my list! Thanks for the input. I’ve used a lot of reader suggestions to make these more useful and intuitive!

  10. Nice re-do, looks awesome.

  11. Great info thanks! 🙂


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