An Unexpected Vidcast – Episode 6


Pashbo and Rubyrae Proudfeet introduce a further selection of sketches and news from across the LOTRO servers.  

This week Chumbly of Laurelin finds out about the bi-monthly market, Pashkoi of Gilrain visits Caradhras, and those drunken dwarves Pashili and Korili sample the delights of the Bird and Baby Inn.  We catch up on the Adventures with Willmatt and Chanile over on Brandywine and also find out what the LOTRO store has to offer us this week.

We would love to include work from the LOTRO community within this vidcast.  If  you would like your LOTRO band to perform, would like us to include your own roleplaying video, or want to just send us a picture of your character with some text telling us what they have been up to, email us at

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  1. Andang /

    Great show guys! Really love those dwarves!

    • AnUnexpectedVidcast /

      Thanks Andang. I think it’s the start of a Shire pub crawl! 😀

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    The Dwarves were my favourite too! Great show AUV!

  3. Achazia /

    yeah the dwarves were great! But all in all a great show as always!!

    Keep up the good work

  4. Now THERE’S a future hobby – drunken slug squashing!

    Great show as usual, guys! For the Bill clones!

  5. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Thanks very much guys n gals 🙂

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