Death by Andang!

So many ways to die and so little time.

So many ways to die and so little time.

I know what you’re all thinking.  The title should be Death by Misadventure but, well, after skirmishing with Spridra, Pineleaf and Andang, I thought he deserved a post of his own.

As I get ready for this year’s Fellowship Walk, I find myself often on the Landroval server, levelling characters, farming dye mats, cooking pie crusts etc and I was totally happy thinking that I would be free of most deaths as Rolfkrage wasn’t around to kill me.  And I can honestly say, Landroval has been good to me, or at least until last week.

I have made undying – something I didn’t do on my LM on Arkenstone, I have had some great people help me level and keep me safe, (thanx Groowanderer and Tomeoric) and I do have this on Arkenstone as well.  The kinship people there are very good.  LMB on Landroval have all been supportive and helpful, so really what more is there?  I decided that one of the best ways I can level my character on Landroval, is by skirmishing.  I have done quite a few solo skirmishes, some I died, some I didn’t but it wasn’t until Andang joined the party that I learnt the true meaning of dying in a skirmish on Landroval.

Andang - an illustrious leader!

Andang – an illustrious leader!

It wasn’t bad enough that he picked skirms that were hard for my level 37 LM, but dare I say, some were brutal.  Who picks to do a 6 man skirmish, with only four people and then think they can tank everything?  I know, you are all answering Rolfkrage, but it isn’t true.  Well it is, but on Landroval, Andang takes the title.  I lost count of how many deaths I had in Attack at Dawn and well shall we mention Stand at Amon Sul?  Yes, let’s!

Stand at Amon Sul – we did a 6 man skirmish with four people.  I think it was 3 levels above my actual level.  Me, Pineleaf, Spridra and Andang were all skirmishing away, keeping fires lit, killing the baddies when Andang disappears.  I did think at first that he had just lost his connection and would be back any minute to help us, but well no, he went to lunch!  Spridra hung out for a few more minutes before she had to log off and that left two.  Pineleaf and I kept going until Pineleaf found us a safe place to log out.  I think we should rename this skirmish to Lunch at Amon Sul. 😀

Pineleaf and I then went on to do Defence of the Prancing Pony as a duo.  This was the first skirmish out of Attack at Dawn, Storm on Methedras and Thievery and Mischief that I stayed alive the whole skirmish.  Thanx Pineleaf!

So… death by Andang.  Love it, hate it, have no feelings about it… doesn’t really matter.  Andang is the Rolfkrage of Landroval. 😀





  1. Haha, awesome! “Where’d he…LUNCH?!?!? Well, An-DANG it!”

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    A hobbit at heart! nothing comes before Lunch!

  3. Ethelros /

    Well at least I’m not the only person to get you killed during a skirmish run.

    Hooray for AnDANG!

  4. Andang /

    I did redeem myself later by running two skirmishes at her level…after I heard about the article. Great article Myst!

    • knowfere /

      haha, too bad that probably won’t merit an article written up about it. 😛


  5. Ok you were dying but kept going, it sounds fun!

  6. Kaleigh Starshine /

    It sounds like you all had a good time 🙂

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