Weatherstock V – What can I say?

Wewather Stock - a good time had by all

Wewather Stock – a good time had by all

Today was epic!  

Weatherstock V was held on the top of Weathertop today and what can I say?  It was a great event and I might even hazard a guess, it was the most enjoyable Weatherstock that I have attended.

Firstly lets look at the organisers.

The Hero comes to save the day!

The Hero comes to save the day!

Oh no!  Wake up Harperella

Oh no! Wake up Harperella

Great job Lonely Mountain Band!  Floradine, the stage manager kept the flow of the show going with bands coming and going off stage while Harperella did a great job of MC!  Well for the most part, until she had a bit too much Hobbit Ale and had to be carried off by the Security Team.  That is where I think, Galenhor Swordsong (If I have that name wrong, sorry.  I was a bit sleep deprived by then :)), stepped in to take over until Harperella could get back on her feet.

The Vending Team were just Awesome!  They kept politely offering people, Pie, Ale, Pipeweed and tokens the whole day and never complained about being on their feet circumventing the crowd of approx 600+ once.  Great job Team.  And not to worry, Security.  I haven’t forgotten about you!  Security were exceptional until towards the end, when people, including the Band competitors starting being attacked and dying.  Ok but in all fairness, it wasn’t their fault.  During the Battle of the Bands portion towards the end of the program, lag was soooo bad, that there was nothing anyone could do.  Poor little Level 7 Warden Skaart died on my watch and although I tried to Rez him, the lag lasted 7 minutes and he timed out before the rez could take effect.

Overall though, the Security Team was awesome!  Well done guys and I am sure the two band members of A Chosen Few don’t blame us at all for their deaths either.  Etheleros (hope I spelled that right), suggested that it was just the Creban’s revenge since the security team had done such an awesome job killing them up until this point, that now it was time for their revenge!

Awesome job LMB!  It was an epic event that took epic organisation and you did it better than well.  You ROCKED it.

So what about the bands… this is where sleep deprivation is going to hinder me, but I will do my best 🙂

The bands that played at the Forsaken Inn, pre weatherstock, were just great.  They were LMB in-house bands and they kept the crowd entertained until it was time to join the procession to the top of Weathertop for the main event.  I loved the Old Wineyards burgandy outfits and enjoyed all the bands immensely.  The Procession to Weathertop was an event in itself.  The lag is just a pain in the butt when everyone starts to move.  I ended up on the totally wrong side of Weathertop, and don’t ask how that happened.  I didn’t get the title of “Easily Lost” just for doing a crafting quest. 😀


Once on top of Weathertop, I got a great position to view all the bands.  It was the closest I have ever been to the stage area and I really enjoyed my view.

The Old Wineyards started off the music with a song that Floradine wrote, Let’s go to Weatherstock which you can find a fully voiced version on Sound Cloud.  They then followed up with Gold and Silver Trees, All Because of You and finally… Oh the name escapes me, but I remember it was one of Cari’s (from MMOReporter) favourites. (She is the elf who plays in the Old Wineyards!)

After a quick change of outfits, the next band to grace the stage was Andune Ensemble.  They are another of the great in-house LMB bands who play outside the Prancing Pony on Sunday nights.  They started their set off with a traditional tune, Lark on the Strand which was arranged by LMB’s Keli.  They quickly followed it up with Noontide, Nights in White Satin and again the next one, the name escapes me.  Ok… so thanks to Keli, the name of the last song was El Cumbancho.  Thanks Keli. 🙂

Songburrow Strollers at Weatherstock

The next band came all the way from Laurelin, The Songburrow Strollers.  This is a popular band with the crowd having won the Lonely Mountain Band Cup in 2012 and the Light in the Dark Category in 2011.  They started their set of songs with one they described as a popular Shire fishing song, I Can’t Get No Catfish Action.  Personally, I think this is a popular fishing song throughout Middle Earth. 😀 They then followed up with a song about what happens in the Shire every festival, Drink the Shire Dry.  Their final song was about waking up in the middle of the night craving biscuits, Plunder the Biscuit Jar. (Or I think that’s what I remember it was called.)


Next up were the Runic Knights Orchestra who travelled to Landroval from Brandywine.  This is their second appearance at Weatherstock and started their set off with a song from the Elvenking, but sorry, once again sleep deprivation has gotten the better of me and I cannot remember the title.  The second song of their set was a tune called Come Hear the Tales, also known as Come by the Hills.  This was a slower tune, but still an awesome song and very enjoyable.  Their next song apparently was written by a lost goblin who was captured in Moria.  He put pen to paper or quill to parchment, and wrote “Still Alive”.  Also a song with the same title as a Johnathon Coulter song apparently. “Go ahead and leave me, I think I would prefer to stay and hide.”  I like the lyrics of this song. 🙂  That isn’t to say I didn’t like other lyrics… but I thought this was a cool song and stuck in my head at this stage of Weatherstock.  I believe their next song was Rose of Michel Delving, but please don’t quote me on that song title.

ShadesUp next… drum roll… The Shades!  I think most people know the Shades from the Laurelin Server, but they often do concerts on other servers such as Landroval and Arkenstone.  At Weatherstock this year, the Shades did all original songs, the first one being written by Achazia, Dance of Doriath.  What Weatherstock wouldn’t be complete without the song Amon Sul.  This year, the Shades presented the song but with lyrics by Erihael and they called it The Lay of Gil Galad. (Hope I got that right. :D)  The next song of the set, The Fire Inside was certainly a tranquil song and in some ways, I found haunting.  That’s just my opinion though and it could be because I was tired and wishing for a lullabye. 🙂  The final song was a song about the Shire, Little Delving and it was an original piece written by Achazia.


The next band up was Mornie Atlantie and sorry guys, I forget which server you are from.  I  do remember that they started their set with an original piece called Mornie Atlantie Battlesong.  It was an interesting piece of music and I found myself drawn into the song with the drum beat.  The next song was about running away and the audience was asked to make their own back story to the song.  It was a more upbeat song to their next number, Song of the Sea.  Their final song, I think called Storm is Arising, (once again don’t quote me) was very upbeat.


A Rock and a Hard Place from the Dwarrowdelf were next and they started their set with a song titled Firepolka or Fire and Flames Polka.  The next song, and the title escapes me, was one where you had to guess the name of the Middle Earth character depicted in the song as singing.  It was quite an amusing little number and very enjoyable. Their last song was an instrumental and it drew you in with some changes in tempo.  Please don’t ask me the name.  I believe this was their first venture to Weatherstock and they did very well.


The sixth band to compete this year at Weatherstock was A Chosen Few from the Laurelin Server.  They started their set off with a lively tune, Grandma’s Feather Bed.  After that and some minor lag issues, they played their rendition of Still Alive, followed by Cancelled Trip, a lively tune that just made you want to get up and dance.  Their next song was the one that still sticks in my head now and replaces all other songs.  Not that all other songs weren’t good, but I just found Living Next Door to Gandalf one of the most enjoyable, fun songs at Weatherstock this year.  “Every night I hear explosions and loudly spoken chants! I pray each night for sleep, if I could only get the chance, cos for twent-four days, I’ve been living next door to Gandalf.  Strangers come and go bringing news of special things, Black Riders in the night and shiny magic rings.  I’ll never get any peace while I’m living next doo to Gandalf.”  If it was on CD, I would definitely go and buy it!  Their last tune was a slower starting number from the Hobbit.


Die Miesterbarden von Bree from Vanyar-DE was the next group to come to the stage.  Their first song was awesome, though yet again, the title escapes me, and they were quick to follow it up with one of my all time favourite songs, Mull of Kintyre.  I found myself singing along with this as they played, “Smiles in the sunshine and tears in the rain, still take me back to where my memories remain.  Flickering embers growing higher and higher, as they carry me back to the mull of kintyre.  Mull of kintyre, oh mist rolling in from the sea, my desire is always to be here.  Oh mull of kintyre.”  Yes it is sad that I know these lyrics off by heart and it was lucky none of the listeners to the Livestream could hear me. 😀  I am a sucker for bagpipes and find that any song with bagpipes will always tug at the old heartstrings.  The band’s third number was a lively tune and got the old toes a tapping.  Please don’t ask for the name of the song.  At this point in my morning, toes tapping was a great way to get some blood flow circulating and was most appreciative of the opportunity. 🙂

Thanx to Theudas who has let me know while writing this that the title of the first song, or the tune was John Mills Music. 🙂

So at this point we were over half way through the performing bands.  Everyone was having a great time, although my mind periodically went back to Harperella and was hoping that she was feeling better.

Brekky Club

Next band to grace the stage was the Breakfast Club.  Now funnily enough it was about 6.50am my time, if I remember correctly, and I thought it was quite apt that this group should play at what would be normally Brekky Time here in Oz.  They started their set with a lovely tune about Luthien before moving onto Who Put the Overalls in Daisy Boffin’s Chowder.  I don’t think I will eat anything of that chowder for brekky. 😀  They then skipped ahead of the Nazgul in their next tune, which I think was called “Lighter Mug of Ale.”  If we were wondering where they were skipping ahead to, the answer was provided in the next song – Breetown.

Vendor Team in Yellow outfits and Black Top Hats

Vendor Team in Yellow outfits and Black Top Hats

It was time for the Great Smoke Out Event.  I believe it was the Old Wineyards who came back to the stage and entertained us with Smoke on the Water while the crowd puffed away on the pipeweed, kindly given out by the Vendor Team.

So as the smoke cleared over Weathertop it was time to hear a Flock of Smeagols featuring Don’t Tempt Me Frodo.  Now this band seems to have the most loved name.  Everyone seemed to comment on it and switch it around.  So if there was a prize for most entertaining Band Name, then this band would win hands down.  There were some technical issues as Flock came up to the stage so LMB filled in with Harperella free styling a tune.


After the technical issue was solved, Flock of Smeagols lively tune, Go to Mordor.  They slowed it down a bit then with The Trapdoor Tavern Reel.  We were told that their next song was going to have lyrics, but the member got drunk so asked us to enjoy the song anyway.  And of course, they finished with their epic trolling song.


Next to hit the stage was Andunie.  Andunie I think originally started on Laurelin and now play on Landroval.  They are an all elf band and in their first song to the set utilised quite a few wood instruments.  The second song was a bit more lively and I enjoyed it very much.  The third song they played was a lovesong from Galadriel to Celeborn.  Being an all elven band, this band tends to stick more lyrical type music.  The next tune they played was  Aria of Feanor at Losgar which they went on to follow up with a traditional Breeland Dance type song.


The final band of the competition to take the stage was Animal House.  This band is one of Lilikate Buggin’s favourite groups and I am sure she enjoyed listening to this band.  It was their first time to Weatherstock and they played extremely well and seem to have quite a following with offers of throwing panties on the stage and exclamations of undying love.  Although I can’t remember the title of their first song, it was very smooth and very enjoyable to listen to.  Their second song was an original and titled um, the Wag Wag Song.  I have to say, that I am becoming quite a fan of this band myself.  Their third song, they described as a fitting anthem to the Weatherstock was Purple Rain.  It was very mellow, in fact their whole set seemed mellow and it was such a pleasure to listen to.

And the winners are:

So with the final song of Animal House, it was time to find out the winners.

Lonely Mountain Band Cup:  Andunie

Light in the Dark: The Shades

Battle of the Bands: Die Miesterbarden von Bree.

Congratulations to all the winners!

So what can I say?

I can say that Weatherstock is the best Server Event I have ever attended.  If anyone was unable to make it to this year’s event, well plan to get there next year.  You haven’t played Lotro until you have been to Weatherstock.  It is a great compilation of bands in the game with the best music.

What I personally would like to have added to the prizes and competitions for Weatherstock is a category for “Best Dressed Band”.  The outfits of the bands are always awesome and I think just acknowledging the effort the bands go to for this event would be awesome.

If you know any of the song titles that I, for the life of me can’t remember, please put them up in the comments below.  I am sorry that this is maybe not as accurate as it should be, but I blame it totally on sleep deprivation.  🙂



Special thanks to Turbine for all the behind the scenes things they do and for all the titles and dance emotes this year as well.

Thanks to Pineleaf Needles for Livestreaming Weatherstock V for Lotro Players and also to all those who came onto the stream and hosting.


  1. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    A great night was had by all! (Well, unless you happen to be a Craban!)

  2. Just for the record, the last Andune tune was El Cumbanchero.

    Great report!

  3. Theudas /

    Firat piece of music by the Meisterbarden, well the TUNE was John Mills’s Music

  4. Thanx for the comments guys! 🙂 In my sleep deprived state, I hit the Publish button instead of the Preview button while I have been writing this. So I will up date the post with your comments 🙂

    Have fun.

  5. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I didn’t hear any of the Music! But it’s what we (A most dedicated Security Team, Yay go Team Red!) have to sacrifice to bring the audience such a great event… Now where’s that recording of the live streaming….

  6. Andang /

    This is a great article made in a very short amount of time! Great job Myst!

  7. Emalynn /

    *giggles* His name is Galenhir. Thanks for making this post because I was so lag-ridden that I could barely hear music and everyone was naked. Right after Die Miesterbarden Von Bree went up, I had to step away to go grocery shopping for a certain someone who wanted some peanuts and jellies but needed me to tag along so I could go in the store for her, UGH! Came back just in time to NOT get hit by the 7-Minute-Death though 🙂

    • Yeah I think the 7 minutes of death is definitely a highlight for me. Poor Skaart and I wish the I have the band members names from A Chosen Few – they deserve a shout out. Doesn’t it show commitment when you Die for your Art?

      Have fun

      • Kikilaa /

        Even though some had died there, and it was most annoying for noone could actually play more then one song normally there at the Battle of the Bands but that lag was just epicness! Never seen such a big and long shutdown, even without logging off completely what i thought would happen in all my lotro live! i really enjoyed what i could hear or read in the chat there, and lauthing tried to chat along 😉

  8. Achazia /

    Loved the report!!! thanks Mysteri:)

  9. Greetings and thank you all for the kind words regarding The Chosen Few.
    The Chosen Few members that died was Maramac/Merlas and most likely Chadders/Chadwick (or it could have been Trotgard). The rest of the members that was present at this concert was me, Babushka, Tallic and Rimwing/Gwestia.

  10. Limm /

    Great recap Mysteri! It was such a fun event! 🙂

  11. Thraorin /

    “Living next door to Gandalf” = E P I C 😀
    Someone please record a RL version of that… 😉

  12. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Such a wonderful time. Each band was amazing, and it was fun to mingle with so many other concert-goers 🙂

  13. Harperella /

    What a great write-up. Thank you!

    • Your most welcome Harperella. I am so glad that you recovered from your sunstroke. I know it really had nothing to do with all that ale. 😀

      Have fun

  14. Hadford /

    Great report Mysteri. And thanks for posting a link on Steam as well.

    • No problems Hadford. 🙂

      I am glad that my braindead ramblings made enough sense and that you enjoyed my roundup of the event 🙂

      Have fun

  15. Fionnuala /

    Andúnië practices and plays on both Landroval and Laurelin.

    • Thanx for the info Fionnuala. I couldn’t remember if they still played on both servers or not. 🙂

      Note to self: Take more notes next year 🙂

      Have fun


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