LOTRO Academy: 81 – 2013 Character Guide Part 1


LOTRO Academy: 81 - 2013 Character Guide Part 1
Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf have so much to say about the races and classes available in The Lord of the Rings Online™ that they run out of time to talk about anything else. Thanks for listening.


  1. Andang /

    Great show art!

  2. Excellent show as always, guys! Y’all did a very nice job at introducing players to the race/class selection, and if anyone starting a new character is a visual learner, I’d check out the “Classes” section under the New Player Guides on this site. Myst has an article on Character Selection there which echoes some of the information provided in this episode.

    Just a quick thing that stuck out to me when you delved into the Rune-keeper a bit – Steady Hands used to place you into steady attunement (as the name would suggest), but has since been modified so it will give you max attunement with the opposite direction (would tend to be from damage to healing in emergencies, but also works vice versa). 🙂

  3. Thanx for the heads up on the Steady Hands Zyngor. I actually haven’t played my Rune-keeper enough to get to know the ins and outs. Good to know someone can fill us in what we missed. Thanx for plugging my guide as well. 🙂

    Oh and if any of you who are on Steam, please check out my guides there and rate them as well. They have links back to Lotro Players so the higher the rating, the more people will read them and see the links. Hopefully this helps get the word out about Lotro Players as well and we entice some more Steam Group members and more members coming here to the site as well. 🙂

    Have fun.

  4. Good episode, glad you’re doing these each year.

    One thing I don’t think is said enough about Burgs is that they play slowly. You want to use your Sneaking and attack from behind, which means you spend lots of time positioning yourself (or instead you charge right in and spend lots of time killing the mob or dying). This slowness made it much less fun for me, through level 23 anyways, until I started playing in groups more.

    Also, I wish I had known before I chose a Hunter that you have bow attacks with slow inductions, in addition to the immed attacks. If you know yourself well, you’ll know whether you can tolerate waiting for your skills to fire off. This seems like no big deal, but it’s such a constant fundamental part of Hunting that it makes it less fun for me to play. It’s outweighed by the blast of damage I can release before mobs even reach me, but it does make it less fun.

    • Tapkoh /

      Just to follow off the burg comment, it’s a late bloomer, just like the captain and lore-master. Burgs are slow, low damage, and flimsy for a looooong time. You have to utilize stuns, dazes, debuffs, and stealth to survive and kill. As you level however, burgs go from the support / dps class that Turbine started with to a dps class that has support abilities and no survivability.

      I know people will argue with that last bit, but they’re wrong. 😛 On landscape, burgs may be tough to kill due to some skills they have. In a raid however, they often get one-shotted by bosses if they pull aggro, thus not having time to hit OS buttons, and they have 0 skills that help them against tactical (source) damage.

      Level-capped burgs behind a mob are competitive dps. This is why a bunch of burgs (a burg zerg) can make tough fights trivial. They stack reveal weakness (+10% incoming damage) and all go to town. Bosses just melt. Current state of the burg is a dps class that can CC and debuff, rather than the other way around. At 85 in my current gear, my burg can kill landscape mobs before they have a chance to do even 1000 damage to me, if any. Very different than a low-level burg.

  5. Durrendel /

    Racism is not funny.
    Dwarves are awesome.
    I don’t listen to this show anymore.

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