My Wish For Lotro.


If I could have just one thing in my hobbit present, I would dearly love to receive an emote. Not just any emote! oh no. The emote I have been dreaming about in my out of game hours is somewhat special. It would give me hours of pure joy and I would use this emote in whatever region of middle earth I happened to be in. But there is one place in particular where I NEED this emote. Let me tell you more…..


Everyone who knows me, understands that I have a love for simple things. I am not a big raider, I am not even at level cap even though I have been playing for years now. I love the rabbits and the grass, the rainbows and the pie. Most of all I like to pretend I am in Middle Earth, well isn’t that why we all play LOTRO?


So being the big n00b that I really am at heart, I want you to cast your minds back all the way to Volume 1, Book 1, Chapter 11. Othrongroth. You find out that the Lord of the Nazgul is headed to this Barrow and you get the urge to spy on him trying to learn of his plans and evil designs. Tom Bombadil who you discovered in the Old Forest, tries to warn you that it’s a daft idea but in the end agrees to escort you to the doors. So you battle dwarves and skeletons and what not, till you discover the Witch King has a lot of mates who he sets on you while he pops off to do other evil things.


So face to face with Sambrog you battered him a bit, but it’s not looking too good. With a “Hey Dol Merry Dol” Tom Bombadil appears and skips along and gives the room an airing filling it with sunlight and “Killing” Sambrog.


Hurrah! Victory! Now we can be happy and skip about with Tom sharing this gleeful moment……Whats that? Theres no “Skip like Tom Bombadil Emote” Awwwwwwwwwww  But I can jump……but it’s not quite right……I can jump and press w…….Thats a good try…….I can do that dance emote where you kick a leg up and wave your arms a bit…..I can even spam cheer…..But it’s just not the same!


So now you know, after reading this entire daft post, Lilikate Buggins really wants an emote so she can skip like Tom Bombadil… and I don’t care if you all think I’m cracked.



If you want this emote too, just leave a comment in the space below…..


  1. I want that emote! You’re not alone!

    Hey dol merry dol derry dol my darling!

  2. Kaleigh Starshine /

    What a wonderful idea! One thing my Bounder-friends do is go “sledding” in Winterhome during the winter festivals by doing /groundroll as we sled down the snowy hills.

  3. That would be SOOOO fun! 😀

  4. Your in-game /played time spent in the Old Forest must match Tom Bombadil’s age, then…you will receive /dance_heydolmerrydol

  5. gennyrose /

    What a great idea! I’d sure love to have it!

  6. I’d probably never use it, but I hope you get it some day!

  7. Andang /

    Wonderful idea!

  8. Floradine Strongfoot /

    I want that toooooooooo!

  9. Limm /

    Oh man I want to skip too, I would totally skip a lot, lol 🙂

  10. Kazren /

    I would like less of the run boosts and more of the Mathom-Hunter armor. I’ve been hoping for the mantle, but so far, I still don’t have it. Gold is not bad, either!

  11. AnUnexpectedVidcast /

    Ha great idea! Although a few of my characters would most definately only skip Bombadil style if no-one was looking!

  12. Nimrodelian /

    I’d be up for a skip emote. And then perhaps a /forestfrolic for the elves 🙂

  13. We can walk, we can run, we can ride a horse, so why on earth would they forget to let us skip? Hopefully one day…

    Have fun

  14. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I discovered I wrote a post about this very emote in the LOTRO forums in April 2011!

    Common devs! Give a little Hobbit cheer and a /Skip….It has to be at least 3 skips long though. Pretty please!


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