Death by Misadventure.

So many ways to die and so little time.

So many ways to die and so little time.

Looking back at my deaths in Middle Earth, words that crop up often are: “You have been incapacitated by misadventure.”

Really, misadventure?  Surely not!  But, sadly, it is true.  So what is this misadventure?

Well it can be anything from riding through an enemy village and being fired upon by archers until you fall off your horse and succumb to your wounds, to having not enough strength to overcome the malice of the Silent Watchers in Angmar.  Misadventure can also be, falling down a cliff or drowning in a river.  Bet you never thought that could happen, but it did to me.  I fell into a river, not too far below the edge of the cliff I was on, and I began swimming to get away from my pursuers.  A minute or so in with no one in pursuit, the words, “You have succumbed to your wounds,” appeared and I was left silently cursing.

I had been alive, I had been swimming, but obviously it was my ghost I saw do all these things as it appeared very distinctly that I was dead.  The fall hadn’t killed me, and I didn’t really drown but well had to explain how I died to myself.  In the end, I decided that I was stung by a blue bottle beneath the surface and the sting being so bad and the swelling so severe, I died.  That at least to me made more sense than drowning when I was doing swimmingly. 😀

Jumping off a cliff although not hazardous to some, can prove hazardous to you.  Be warned! I was with Koshie running around down near Haudh Lin and although not at the top of the cliff, it still seemed a long way down.  Koshie assured me it was safe and jumped down ahead of me.  Yep, he had a broken leg, but he survived so I followed.  Yep, I had a broken neck and died.  Honestly, you would think I would learn, but I didn’t and when Rolfkrage told me to follow him down another cliff and jumped, surviving, I did it too.  Once again dying.

Where others jump and live to tell about it.  Where I jump and succumb to my wounds.

Where others jump and live to tell about it. Where I jump and succumb to my wounds.

That though isn’t the only time Rolfkrage has led me to my death.  I would say that Death by Misadventure is Rolfkrage!

Rolf is a champion in game and when I am online as my healer, Mystereia, we tend to run around Middle Earth, sorry, I should say die around Middle Earth.  Rolf has a habit of pulling the aggro of about 6 beasties and then expects me to keep him healed.  Problem is, I tend to take the aggro off  him in some cases and well, if he happens to notice, great – I live.  More often than not, I die.

I have to say though, we don’t always die, but if he isn’t killing me, or attempting to kill me, he is maiming me.  So I get run into brick walls, lamp posts and anything else that is around.  I tend to put him on Follow if I am also typing to someone else in chat.  Yeah I can multi task but Rolf just sees my multi tasking as an opportunity to kill me or at the very least maim me. I have lost count of how many times I have died falling from bridges that he turned onto too sharply.

Ok.. so honestly, Rolf is a fun person to fellow with.  You just need to be prepared to die.

My tip this week if you want to live in Middle Earth – Don’t fellow with Rolf!  But well, if you want to have some fun, then he is the one that can give that too!  Mind you, it says something if he is the only person I know that has died in the Introduction by Misadventure.  Yeah, he jumped from a cliff and died. :S

So dying by Misadventure happens to us all.  I have died planting flowers in a flower pot during the Spring Festival, by falling, by simply logging on.  I guess, to me, misadventure simply means that which cannot be physically explained. 🙂

Have fun.


To see more of Rolfkrage and Mystereia dying in Middle Earth, visit theRolfkrage You Tube site.








  1. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Great article Myst, To all you readers who live outside the land down under and have never watched Bondi Rescue. A blue bottle is a jelly fish and not a meat loving large fly.

  2. Andang /

    Quit missing your adventure Myst. Great article!

  3. Thanx for the comments guys. Yes a Blue Bottle is a form of a Jelly Fish. Living in Australia, we have lots of ways to die by misadventure. I should stop “missing” my adventure Andang but have only one question in regards to that.

    “Where’s the fun in that?”

    Have fun

  4. JasonL /

    How about death by suicidal stable mounts in Moria? When my main was adventuring through Moria, I had issues with the stable mounts repeatedly going the wrong way, making a U-turn and doubling back. That’s all fine, except when the goat tries to execute this maneuver in the middle of a narrow bridge over the gorge of eternal peril. The first time this happened, I stared in disbelief as the goat I was riding took a flying leap off a bridge. As I watched my Guardian tumble into the deep, I was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

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