Pineleaf’s Skirmish Marathon


Battle in Tower Knockback

On Saturday, June 22 @ 10:00 AM Server Time, I will begin a six-hour skirmish marathon on the PineleafNeedles Twitch channel. Here I will play as many skirmishes as I can in the six-hour span. While it is unlikely I will be able to get through all 19, I should at least place a good dent in the total.

The skirmishes will be selected semi-randomly. By that I mean that I will select them through the Instance Finder but that any skirmishes that I have already run during the marathon will be removed from the list (to avoid running the same skirmish twice during the session).

In preparation for this event, I posted a poll in an effort to determine which class I will use during the event. The polls are now closed, so it is time to review the results.

First off, no class received votes from a majority of the voters. While my original post indicated that I could use my discretion if no class received a majority, I will be selecting the class that received the most votes anyway. The winning class is the lore-master, with 31% of the vote.

While I have three lore-masters, only one of them is able to run the majority of the skirmishes. Therefore, I will run this series on Pinestaff, a level-85 lore-master on Windfola.

The lore-master will fit right in with a recent question I received from a reader who wished to know which skirmishes work well with a lore-master and a burglar. After the marathon, I will at least have up-to-date information for the lore-master side of the question.

See you Saturday for the first Pineleaf (or should that be Pinestaff?) Skirmish Marathon at
May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

Pineleaf Needles


  1. Best of luck, and may your staff never break!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Oh brilliant! I can’t wait to tune in.
    Pinestaff drink plenty of fluids and get a good nights rest.
    May your staff hit ’em in the gizzards nice n’ hard!!

  3. I will be tuning in. Would love to see how a Lore Master is actually s’pose to skirmish. Yeah I have better luck on my Minstrel than I do my LM.

    Good luck Pineleaf and naturally…

    Have fun

  4. Have fun! I probably won’t turn in. Might become a very late thing for me here in the Netherlands, but I’m looking forward to a summary or something 🙂

  5. Andang /

    As Pineleaf knows very well, I am really looking forward to this!…also it might be a record for number of skirmishes broadcast in a row.

  6. Ethelros /

    Twitch seems to be down at the moment due to problems on their end.

    Is the stream going to be pushed back?

  7. Andang /

    He is LIVE now…click the links above


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