How to Die in Lotro and Still have Fun!

So many ways to die and so little time.

So many ways to die and so little time.

G’day and welcome to the New User Guide – How to Die in Lotro.

For any new player, it is always stressful starting out and wondering how to stay alive.  Most players don’t know that there are a few titles to earn for just achieving that with the most sought after being that of “Undying”.

Listed here will be the ways I have died.  Things to look out for as you travel that well trodden road to death, but please do not worry.  This is a light hearted view of death in Middle Earth, not a suicidal mission.

As a  new player, or even an older one, you will die at the hands of humanoids, paws of animals, stings of insects.  You will travel too close to a statue and have a misadventure, drown in a river, jump from a cliff.  Even Bree isn’t safe for some of us.

This is a guide to smile at, to laugh at and most of all to enjoy.  We hope that you do that as further tales are posted.

Have fun


A sonnet based on Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee?"

A sonnet based on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How do I love thee?”




  1. Andang /


  2. Flosiin /

    I had an odd one. Defeated the last boss in Thievery and Mischief. Clicked on the flag to claim the spot. Loot chest appeared over my character and suddenly I was within the snow banks next to the flag. I tried jumping around to get out no luck., After a minute of jumping, my character went through the “floor” and feel through space to her doom. U could see zone getting smaller and smaller. I ended up getting the -10% mark debuff from it.

  3. Thanx for the comments guys.

    That does sound weird Flosin. I have had a few interesting deaths caused by lag and did get “stuck” in the intro once. But I haven’t experienced anything like you did in a skirm.

    Have fun

  4. Ethelros /

    Very nice. I don’t have nearly the same flair for words as you do, but I do have a personal addition to make, if it’d please you to read it:

    I die here, flattened by a freep raid
    With such a power as to make Creeps truly afraid.
    Burned, sizzled and smeared into a mousse
    Beaten, tarred and feathered like a goose.
    Retreating to Gramsfoot to fight another day,
    Although losing my rating leaves me quite dismayed.
    Charging in again with my Reaver, sowing confusion,
    Hey there’s an RK, BOOM Epic Conclusion.
    Back to Gramsfoot for rest, recovery and whatnot,
    Still strong, still fighting, just don’t forget your stun pots!

  5. Very cool Ethelros. I enjoyed your little poem immensely. Thanx for sharing with us.

    Have fun.

  6. belwynne /

    Particularly in Moria, I’ve always thought of death as just another travel skill.

  7. Oh yes! I totally agree with you Belwynne. Mind you, I have found myself wishing to die not just in Moria, but also up in the Scuttledells. I knew if I died, I could return to the rez circle which was soooo much closer to where I wanted to be. Funny thing though, when I wish for death… it doesn’t happen. When I want to live, well death finds me every time 🙂

    Have fun

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