Ask Pineleaf: How Is Your Screen Set up?


Lilikate asks:

Pineleaf I’d love a tutorial about how you have your screen set up! How did you get the icons along the top of the screen and why?

The short answer is that I am using plugins. I will go through each of the plugins and describe what they do.

Pineleaf UI


The icons on the top of the screen are from TitanBar. This plugin provides you several icons that allow you to easily access your character information. The plugin includes a wide array of icons, which you can turn on, turn off, or slide across the bar.

From left to Right, the icons represent:

Money (Gold, Silver, and Copper)

Here I can see my total money supply instantly. I can also use it to examine the cash of my other characters.


At first glance, it seems strange that I would bother with an icon that allows you to view your inventory.  While I am unlikely to need to use this icon to view my own inventory, it can also be used to view the inventory’s of other characters you have on the same server.

Vault and Shared Storage

These icons allows you to view your vault and shared storage even when you are nowhere near a vault keeper. No, you can’t take anything from it but it will tell you if the item you’re seeing is in there before you use a travel skill to visit the vault.

Item Tracker

The item tracker allows you to select an item in your inventory so that you can check its status by just hovering over the tracker icon. I generally only use this to keep track of how many traveling rations I have in my inventory.

Instance Currency (Marks, Medallions, and Seals)

Well, you didn’t expect me to keep a bar of useful icons on top without including a quick way to view my current marks total. While it’s probably redundant on Windfola, it is quite useful on servers where I do not have as large a supply of marks available. Note that if you spend your last mark, a bug in the interface prevents TitanBar from learning that your total is now zero. It will instead continue to display the last value before your total dropped to zero.


I must admit that I rarely use the reputation icon.


There are several other options available that I am not currently using.


On the far right of the TitanBar, you can see a clock. While TitanBar includes a clock, I am instead using a separate plugin called CTime. Why? Because TitanBar’s clock only includes hours and minutes, while CTime also includes seconds. While you might not need seconds for general use, I find it occasionally useful when determining spawn rates in instances.


I find BuffBars one of the most useful plugins. It includes three features:

  1. The buff and debuff bars
  2. Debuff response
  3. Sliders (which I rarely use)


HugeBag is written by the author of TitanBar. As the name implies, it gathers the contents of all your individual bags and displays them as a single large bag.


The following video goes into a bit more detail in this:

May your shield protect you and your spear never break,

Pineleaf Needles



  1. Andang /

    Great article and video Pineleaf!

  2. Lilikate Buggins. /

    Oh you are a complete darling! I never guessed my request would be answered so soon. ….oki how about a double box skirm? Can you manage that? Off to watch the above video again!

    • Pineleaf /

      A double box skirm? I have enough trouble keeping of with the controls of one box.Two would be insane. Besides, I really don’t want the headaches of creating a second subscription for my account.

  3. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I wondered what your limits were! At last I think we have found them…Good luck with the marathon, I will try to tune in:)

  4. Ringeras /

    Nice discussion, Pineleaf.

    Quick question. How much rescaling of UI elements did you do? Your screen looks a lot less cluttered than mine when I try to load up these things.

    • Pineleaf /

      I don’t rescale my UI. Perhaps the difference is screen resolution. My screen is 1920×1080. The actual play screen is slightly smaller since I run in windowed mode, though.

  5. Lilikate Buggins. /

    I have another quick question, do book pages drop in skirmishes?

  6. Ringeras /

    Just wanted to pop in a follow-up. I’ve added Titan Bar and HugeBag to my toons and I’ve adjusted BuffBars per your suggestions, Pineleaf.

    I’m very pleased with the changes to my UI and so I needed to give your post a ringing endorsement.

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