Skirmishing 101: How Do You Start Skirmishing?


At the Skirmish Captain

How Do You Start Skirmishing?

You have reached level 20 and you are ready to skirmish. Now just open the Instance Finder and….

Wait a moment, why won’t it let me run any skirmishes? Oh, that’s right, you need to run the skirmish tutorial first.

Soon after you reach level 20, you will receive a letter in the mail asking you to report to one of the skirmish camps. This letter will give you a quest that you can complete by speaking to the skirmish captain at one of the skirmish camps. Note that you are not required to complete this quest before you start running the tutorial, so you can start the tutorial before the letter arrives in the mail.

To run the tutorial, speak with a skirmish captain. You can find one at any of the skirmish camps throughout Middle-earth.The camp in the image above is just south of Bree. You will also find a camp in Brockingborings (in The Shire) and just outside Thorin’s Hall (in Ered Luin). While you will find skirmish camps elsewhere, these are the three you can most easily reach at level 20.

The skirmish captain will then run you through two tutorials. The first tutorial will take you through an abridged version of Thievery and Mischief. If you are interested in how that works, then look at the video below.

After you finish the first tutorial, you will be offered a second one. This one demonstrates how defensive skirmishes operate. Once again, I have a video below that demonstrates how the tutorial operates.

Note that when you are asked to train your warrior during the second tutorial, you only need to purchase the trait once (which has a price of 0 marks). The entire point is to show you how the training interface works.

After you finish the second tutorial, you will be offered a reward that includes some training for one of the six possible soldiers. That is the toughest part of the tutorial: deciding which soldier type you wish to use. We will therefore look into the various soldier types in our next lesson.

Until then, way your shield protect you and your spear never break,

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