LOTRO Academy: 75 – Murder In Bree


LOTRO Academy
Branick, Mysteri, Rolfkrage, and Pineleaf chat with Andang about Murder In Bree, creating LOTRO video content for YouTube, and more. Thanks for listening.


  1. Zyngor /

    Nice little chit-chat there, and a real great one for any interested in going further in their Youtube pursuits as a partnered gaming channel.

    For the little bit of stuff I did on Youtube, I mostly used Windows Movie Maker and Audacity (free audio editor). I think I used Fraps, but I’m not quite sure…it’s been awhile.

  2. Very interesting insight into utube creations. I started watching the epic story from the intro. 🙂 Great episode Branick!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the talk and thanks Lilikate for watching the series.

  4. Braag of Vilya /

    A note to PineLeaf that may be of interest. I have been running the Rift Skirmish endlessly for Eldgang rep (the only faction I am not Kindred with! The Grind of all grinds!) and switch to Tier-3 every now and then to spice it up and compare the rewards. In this episode you mentioned that you felt the extra time to wear down the T3 mobs higher morale is not worth your time. However, the other day while running a Tier 3, I received a Riddermark Starlight Crystal from the final chest. I never knew these could drop in solo skirms before!! In my opinion, that changes the equation and makes T3’s worth running, even if the drop rate is low as I am sure it must be.
    Let me know if you were aware of this or not and if you have any experience with what the drop rate might be.


    Braag of Vilya


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