Update Talks: Riders of Rohan Review


This episode of Update Talks we review the Rohan expansion.  This episode has plenty of jokes, advice and reviews which helps the time fly by.

This episode we had several co-hosts:

  • Andang (Host)
  • Merric
  • Pineleaf
  • Bandoras (from Middle-Earth News)
  • Sig (from Warsteeds.com)

This episode we talk about the following topics:

  • Warsteeds
  • Mounted Combat
  • New Systems
  • Epic Story
  • Store Prices
  • Ettenmoors
  • Hytbold
  • Crafting
  • Predictions

Update Talks is a video podcast that takes place about a month after a major update or expansion is released to talk about the new content and its impact on the game.  This is headed up by Andang, the Lead Director on LOTRO Players.

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