LOTRO Academy: Harvestmath 2012 Special


LOTRO Academy
This over-sized Festival Special features Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf talking about the Harvestmath Festival in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.


  1. An Awesome show as always! Can’t wait to have last weeks show this week before next week…

  2. You and me both Andang 🙂

    Have fun

  3. Haldare /

    Hi, Just having a listen to this weeks show and heard Mysti comment on how the spiders in the Cobweb Wing were getting on her nerves and wanted to let her know she’s not alone!hehe. I am not aware of any way of avoiding the ‘Spidies’ but I have noticed in comparison to last year I seem to be getting away with the first attack of the spidie as you enter!I must add in addition to to the annoying spiders, the attack of the bats in the attic is super bugging me but I think I’ve found a way of avoiding that effect, just run in the centre of the room to get the not so annoying blind effect and while you have been affected by that, the bats leave you alone!
    Keep up the great work guys. Laters Hal.

  4. Zyngor /

    The Cobwebbed Wing has been especially trolly to me this year. I’ll generally always get it when leaving the behind-the-wall area, and on occasions I get it back-to-back (get spider knocked down, stand up, take a step, and another spider knocks me down). Because it seems to be generally random (in certain areas), it’s always a blast of a surprise to see how I’ll get trolled.

    At this point, I am really only opening the four chests, and sometimes remembering to dunk my head in the apple tub, so I have been able to steer clear of Clobberweb Wing in this later half of the festival.

  5. Bramlik /

    I’m totally with Branick on being enormously irritated when people randomly use those consumables on me! I know it’s in the spirit of the festival to have people be able to play ‘tricks’ on others, but I just can’t stand the whole idea of other players being able to do something that takes control of my character (even if it is just for a few seconds). What’s even worse is that since I’m in an area where I’m not really expecting something to happen to me, like getting attacked by a wondering mob or something, it’s often extremely startling. There needs to be a way to opt out of being affected by those things, so I have the choice of whether I want to participate or not!

  6. haldare /

    Yea well after listening to the show and not for the first time agreeing with Branic (and Bramlik) on the usage of forced emotes I too decided to make a stand against the ignorant and inconsiderate. I now /tell any players asking them to ‘stop it’, and so far everyone I have pulled up about it has apologised and been quite nice about it but Its still happening all the time! An option to become immune to the effects would be wonderful and would also save the players one of their emotes to use on someone who wants to take part in the pranks!

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