LOTRO Academy: 59 – Of 7.3 and other Shenanigans


LOTRO Academy
In this Off-Topic episode, Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf start out talking about Update 7.3 and the up-coming Riders of Rohan™ expansion pack for The Lord of the Rings Online™, but somehow end up in an impromptu infomercial for Duck Duck Go. Thanks for listening.


  1. Tomeoric /

    Tomeoric on Riddermark (man, guardian) had a huge two-handed LI sword for use in overpower. There were times I would go cloakless. In these instances, it looked as if the sword was attached to my back with rubber bands. There was so much bounce, it looked totally unreal and was almost a distraction. On top of that, no self-respecting sword wielder would ever keep their gear that loose! It was a good fix…

  2. Tomeoric /

    … oh and Badges of Taste (or Dishonour for AA), are a 1 for 3 token exchange.

  3. Haldare /

    Well Hi there guys, first of all I’d best mention this comes as I have just done a huge catch up, the last time I had actually listened was the fantastic L.I. episodes and then my iphone died(R.I.P.)so my ability to listen as I travel and on lunch breaks was terminated and when I’m at my P.C. Lotroing I like to immerse myself and find listening even to out of game music breaks this! Anyhoo I’m up to date and wanted to take the time to say Hi to the new co-hosts they fit in well and both bring there own personality and angle to the show.Bravo!
    Mysteri we are missing you both in COTS and Gilrain. The last time we saw you was the ill fated and gone horribly wrong Race in The Christmas In July event. Have you told the masses of that endeavour? hehe Basically
    if it could go wrong …it did! hehe.
    Well I’m going to sign off now as I’m away to have a snooze after just farming over 500 Sturdy Hides to tailor into Sturdy Leather Bindings to trade with The Eglain for reputation = kinda easy kindred!
    As always regards from Scotland(& Gilrain) and keep up the great work, I’d actually forgot how much I enjoy listening to you guys.

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