LOTRO Academy: Farmer’s Faire 2012 Special


LOTRO Academy
Branick, Mysteri, and Pineleaf discuss the Farmer’s Faire, a brand new in-game festival for The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.

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  1. I have to agree with everything you all said… something was just “off” with this festival this time around…

    2 days in a row now I fish and fail on the first cast… really.. wow…

    if you want to get Festival Tokens, after you fail the fishing quests. You can keep fishing and keep catching fish… so, if your really bored, just stand there and keep on fishing for awhile and rack up the fish to exchange…

  2. Thanks for the plug guys and the great podcast! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  3. Abergar /

    Draculetta is correct. The best fishing quest to go for is the one where you have to get the 7 big fish before you get the 5 puny fish. Once you’ve caught the required amount of fish (even if you fail that quest) just keep fishing and you can trade in all those big and puny fish for tokens at the nearby festival barter vendor. It took me about an hour to get 100+ tokens.

    Other than that, I do agree that the reward costs are too high. It used to be 20 tokens for a horse (and one race token), then it was 40, then 60 and now 120 (and TWO race tokens). I appreciate that Turbine doesn’t want us to hurtle through the festival and complete everything on the first night but it is supposed to be fun and not a grind. You could perhaps argue that they can keep the housing items and clothing at the price they are but they should definitely reduce the number of tokens required for the horse (especially for those who want to get the horse on every alt).

    The drunken hobbits quest is bugged. The drunk hobbit comments are supposed to be mixed up but – for some reason – they’re not, so the quest is not completable.

  4. Glamborn /

    I don’t tend to do festivals if I get frustrated very quickly, which I did with this one. However a LOTRO player, Darrinus, has posted some videos showing a lot of the issues highlighted in the podcast.

    I’d like to say enjoy, but you probably won’t




  5. Yes, the drunken hobbit quest is broken.. but if you are higher level and have the faction, you can go to Lothlorien and the drunk elf’s count… 🙂

  6. Tapkoh /

    The drunk hobbit quest is only broken because people click on the sober hobbits. From my understanding, it’s on a cycle and if you accuse a sober hobbit, it resets the cycle. For everyone. So the hobbits never get drunk because people keep resetting the cycle. Theoretically if everyone knows to wait, they should get drunk.

    Unless it’s a gambling festival, I don’t want luck-based quests. Luck factoring in for quests, deeds, raids, etc. just isn’t cool. At all.

  7. Tomeoric /

    As far as the 3-in-ones tools (Tools of the {profession}) – they are metalsmith drops in any area would you’d normally farm Supreme level metal stuff (khazad ore) – which means like Moria, Loth, Mirk, etc. So, make sure you open those supreme metalsmith cases! The recipes alone are a valuable item, since they are single use, and sometime can draw decent coin on the AH or trade channel.

    As far as the festival, I had no trouble getting enough coins to get everything I wanted – even skipping some events when I felt like it, and also selling off my extra tickets for decent coin. Haven’t gone through the whole episode yet, so we’ll see what else you guys have to say… =)

  8. Hey there guys.

    Well I have been doing the Farmers Faire and have managed to get the cosmetics I wanted and the horse. I just don’t know, something about the Faire still isn’t fun though. It feels like work to me. I do know that it has been easier as I got to know it, but still…

    I have the horses on my main and 4 other alts currently and that may change or stay the same. Honestly though, it is no biggie for me if I don’t get horses for all the alts. I am having fun levelling and crafting so I might not be back at the Faire any time soon.

    Thanx for your comments and hope you guys are now finding the Faire a little easier with less grind. I do know the Elves count for the drunken quest now, but with only two toons able to go to Loth for that, why would I bother. It is no biggie for me not to do it.

    Oh and I know the hobbits reset if someone clicks on the wrong one, but when your standing around with apparently no one else watching, it seems a bit odd that they just don’t get drunk. I have gone back several times and never see a drunken hobbit. I would also hope that this far into the Faire, people would know not to click on them. Oh well, like I said, it is really no biggie for me at this point in time. I will just accept that Bywater has a great AA group going and there are no drunken hobbits 🙂

    Have fun

  9. Melkrien /

    Ok, I won’t say I agree or I disagree. I will just put down my honest impressions about the

    Farme’s Faire as I’ve experienced it until now, three days after I started participating.

    Firts, let’s say right away that I’m not a big fan of festivals. I do them to get the tokens I

    need to get some items. It’s always been more of a task than a fun activity for me. The only

    exception I can remember is the snowballs fight with some friends. I enjoy the story the

    first time I do a quest but after a few times… So I had no expectations of any kind coming

    in the Farmer’s Faire.

    Up until now, I’ve been doing it for about 10 hours, on Dwarrowdelf and on Arkenstone, I have not been bored or frustrated more than with the other festivals. I like some of the stories (like helping Petunia, or Manning the market), and not some others that I just don’t do (Fat Mayor, and Bounder rounds). I love the fact that most of the quests are in a close area, and even when they are not as close, you get a horse to get to the site. I like how they’ve arranged the site, and, since I love to be close to water (even in real life), I appreciate fishing quests. I like the Egg Scramble, but I’ve had a hard time with the Mushroom Hunt.

    After about 10 hours, I’ve managed to collect (using my alt’s tickets): on Dwarrowdelf, 831 tokens, and on Arkenstone, 376 tokens, so I already have enough to get what I wanted to buy (decorations for my house, cosmetics). So, all in all, as I said since I had no expectations, I’d say I’m satisfied.

  10. Abergar /

    Having the hobbits reset if someone clicks on a sober one seems like a rather poor quest design decision – bearing in mind the potential for someone else to mess it up. There really is no need for that sort of obstacle to completing the quest in a festival where the tokens required for the rewards are already so high. Looks like there are still some at Turbine who haven’t learned the lessons of the 4th Noniversary 🙁

  11. Like Melkrien, I found obtaining tokens to be crazy easy and this festival to be very good.

    For fun, I took an alt to the farmer’s faire to see how long it took to get 120 tokens + 2 horse races, then get to Hengstacer and barter the horse.

    Total time was right at 30 minutes. It took ~15 min to get 120 tokens, then off to the races.

    Easy-mode guide at danania.net.

    Short version, mushroom hunting FTW. Other than the non-alcoholic hobbits and the ridiculously bad drop rate on golden eggs and “fishy, very fishy”, this festival IS my favorite of all time. 😀

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