LOTRO Academy: 51 – Housing


LOTRO Academy
Branick and Mysteri are here by listener request to talk about the housing system in The Lord of the Rings Online™. Thanks for listening.


  1. Tapkoh /

    When I mentioned medallions out of the gift boxes, it was 1 medallion. Yeah, disappointing. But another thing to note is that as of update 6, seals, marks, medallions, and pvmp commendations are shared across characters.

    I think the assigning of VIP status when entering the Mithril Edition code has to do with Turbine’s constant attempts to try to trick you into purchasing VIP time whenever you enter a code for anything. A glitch in their system. It would be a lot easier if there was an overt “No thanks” option, but instead you have to dance around through saying you don’t have a card at the moment. Same thing happened to me.

  2. fish613 /

    I was just about to start investigating housing in LOTRO, so I visited this site and found this. Perfect timing, thanks!
    It was also nicely informative – I’m not sure if I still count as a beginner in general, but in housing terms I definitely do, and this has given me a good start.
    (By the way, the second link above seems to be broken?)

  3. Branick /

    Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. It’s fixed. 🙂

  4. Pineleaf /

    Concerning discounts for repairs and supplies, I have found that they rank as follows:

    Allied Rep Vendor 22%
    Deluxe House 20%
    Kinship House 15%
    Standard House 10%

    Note that not all factions have a rep vendor. I have used them in Bree, The Mathom House, Evendim, and Thorin’s Hall.

    Since I only have a Standard House (I prefer the Shire neighborhood and the Deluxe houses just don’t look right there), I generally use the kin house for repairs unless I have a reason to go to one of the rep areas.

  5. Zyngor /

    The housing system is definitely something that helps us show our creative side in sprucing up a piece of land to make it our own. It is also something they can expand on, and I think it’s been awhile since they’ve introduced something to further improve the whole housing structure. I’m sure the LOTRO forums have plenty of new and fresh ideas on the matter.

    Special shout-out goes to the Summer Hammock decoration (available during the summer fest). It’s a fantastic way to spend a lazy Sunday in Middle Earth, when the orcs decide to take the day off from pillaging.

  6. Adam /

    Just want to say that show was great. And i would also like to say sorry to Branick for leave becasue of one person in the kinship.

    Still love the show hope you guys and gals are good

    Adam / Halmiril

  7. Really interesting show – you two are pleasant to listen… my sister even managed to listen it all, despite the fact we both knew most (if not all) of the things you cover.

    However, I do really miss a transcript of the podcast… honestly I don’t have like one and a half hour to listen to a podcast so I would really like to also have a text version with the most important points, which I can visually scan in a couple of minutes.

    … just my 2 cents …


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