LOTRO Academy: 46 – Legendary Title Acquisition


LOTRO Academy
In this episode, Pineleaf returns with a Legendary Title Acquisition supplement to our recent Legendary Item episodes and reveals the details of Update 6, a listener finds a picnic basket for Mysteri, and Branick finds something to rant about at the last minute. Thanks for listening.

  • Earning Legendary Titles In Instances
  • Update 6


  1. Nice job on giving an overview on LI titles, Pineleaf. It’s certainly not as complicated of a system as what the two previous Academy episodes went over. Still, titles are an important icing on the top of your legendary cake (so to speak).

    One thing I want to make sure new players know is that you may only have one LI title scroll applied to your weapon any at given time. They do not stack on top of one another, and replacing one with another will destroy the original bonuses and switch over to the new ones.

    This also applies to the two different kind of LI titles – the damage-type scrolls (ie Ancient-Dwarf, Westernese, etc), and the slayer-type scrolls (bonus damage to orcs, beasts, etc). If you want to apply a scroll that gives a bonus to spiders OVER a weapon that already has Westernese damage on it, a message will warn you about this. If you proceed, the weapon will gain that bonus to spiders, but will LOSE the Westernese-type damage (and revert back to common damage).

    The only way to get both a damage and slayer bonus on your LI is to apply a scroll that specifically applies both of these (I believe Pineleaf mentioned that there are several scrolls in Enedwaith that allow Westernese and a slayer type of your choosing).

    Some dungeons and areas of the game actually have monsters that are highly mitigated against most all damage types, and the only way to effectively destroy them is having a specific damage type. For example, the further rooms in Sarnur (a mid-40s dungeon in Ered Luin) are highly mitigated against all types of damage except Ancient-Dwarf, which will harm them normally. Even if your main weapon is, say, Beleriand-type damage, it is sometimes useful to hold onto an LI that has a different damage type if you don’t feel like having to switch your main weapon’s damage type for JUST this one situation.

    All in all, LI title scrolls are not quite as important as getting a handle on the previously-discussed parts of an LI (like the legacies and relics), but they eventually can make some kind of difference in a battle. Just look at the Westernese blade that Merry used against the Witch King!

  2. Sorry for a long comment above, but I may have made a slight error in saying that the denizens in the later parts of Sarnur are highly mitigated against ALL but Ancient-Dwarf damage. I’m not quite as experienced with tactical classes, but I believe tactical attacks like fire/lightning/light/etc should also be able to harm these guys pretty normally.

    As far as I know in general, LI titles on a weapon for a heavy tactical class like minstrel and rune-keeper don’t really have much of an effect, as I think they’d only work for that weapon’s melee attacks. For a tactical class, the LI titles on their class item should have a more sizable effect (usually boost in a specific element or tactical mastery).

    Ok, I’m shutting up now – enjoy the game! πŸ˜‰

  3. Immakus of Arkenstone /

    A couple things…One..nice episode, thank you Pineleaf…Two…Maybe I missed it but I did not hear a Krorain “POP”…Three to got back an episode I like the idea of naming LIs, I have 4 named, Axe named Amarth Rihst (Doom Cleaver) Dagger named Silme Sigil (Moonlight Dagger) Bow named Aglar Dagor (Glorious Battle) and a second bow named Sin Cara (Faceless)…And now my main topic, forget the picnic basket and flags, I need a first aid kit to patch myself up while waiting for Myst to heal me! =D Thank you for the awesome, informative and entertaining show!

  4. Tomeoric of Riddermarkenstone /

    You’ve made the Riddermark a better place just by your sheer presence, Myst! Glad you will be stopping by from time to time, and welcome again to The Westfold Marshals!

    Another great episode – thanks everyone and Pineleaf!

  5. McQuiggin /

    What an episode! These last three episodes have been a plethora of information! Thanks to all those that came in and put out all that amazing information.
    Myst, Immakus can’t help that he is vertically challenged. We will have to see if we can get him a flourescent orange flag so we can all see where he is at all times.

  6. Mysteri /

    Thanx for posting guys. Your comment Zyngor was very informative and I enjoyed reading it. It didn’t seem that long at all…

    No Krorain didn’t go POP Immakus, but I put that down to the fact that he isn’t a weasel. I do have bandages I could give you Immakus, but honestly, first aid isn’t gonna help you die any slower. The person needs to be able to find you to give you the first aid kit. You need to grow Immakus, grow head and shoulders above the green mist so we can see you. πŸ™‚

    It is nice to be on Riddrmark Tomeoric. Seems a nice server, although I still need to be there a little bit more… oh the pain, the pain. I really need to stop work interferring in my hobbies. I would have so much more free time then.

    Yes McQuiggan, I know Immakus can’t help being vertically challenged, but has he ever considered running around with stilts on? Really don’t complain about dying if you have made no effort to stay alive πŸ˜€ Can we give him a flourescent green flag McQ? I like green πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanx guys for your comments… have fun
    Myst πŸ™‚

  7. Braag of Vilya /

    Hey Gang! Great job Pineleaf! I had one tip on the Defense of Galtrev which I have been running quite frequently at end-game. Since you don’t have any NPC’s to defend like in the Prancing Pony, the easiest way to tackle this instance is to run down the path towards the torch bearer whenever he appears. This will avoid aggroing the melee pair that comes from the other side until the torch bearer is completely down. Then run back to the main hut and kill the melee pair who are just standing there waiting for you. The torch bearer switches sides each time, so just alternate paths, rinse and repeat. It makes the instance much easier so that perhaps you can run it underlevel. It gives somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20k experience! so great to run BEFORE you hit max level (worth like 3 quests in Dunland), PLUS as Pineleaf mentions it drops items which can typically be turned in for tasks at Forthbrand for REP with Theodred’s Riders Rep which is highly sought after so a good way to make progress there while getting the LI benefits mentioned AND work on Dunland Slayer deeds for Half Orcs and Dunlendings. A nice mix of reward for a 15 minute instance.



  8. Haldare /

    Hi guys, been along while sinse i listned to the podcast, and have I been missing out or what!!Great job with the legendary lessons fantastic work. I didnt realise just how much I missed you guys ’till I started to catch up with my back episodes. Myst your missed in the Kin!
    As always keep up the even greater work.
    10 outa 10 for the LI episodes ..Bravo!!

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