LOTRO Academy: 45 – Legendary Items Part 2


LOTRO Academy
Braag, Tomeoric, and Pineleaf join Branick, Mysteri, and Krorain once again to finish up our in-depth series on Legendary Items. Thanks for listening.

  • Adding Relics to Legendary Items
  • Legendary Item Titles
  • Legendary Item Potential
  • Deconstructing Legendary Items
  • The Future of Legendary Items


  1. The only thing I must strongly disagree with is the comment that you should not refine relics until they are near top tier. This is incredibly inefficient. Here’s some numbers. A tier 1 relic refines for 1 shard. It takes 5 tier 1 relics to make a tier 2 relic. A tier 2 relic refines for 2 shards. Already you are losing 3 shards. A tier 6 relic refines for 192 shards. If you were to collect a bunch of tier 1 relics and fuse them until you hit a tier 6, you will have used 720 tier 1 relics, or a potential 720 shards. That loss is 528 shards. It’s considerably worse for a tier 7. Granted, you are very unlikely to just go get tier 1s, so here is a more relevant example. Running level 65 content like Stoneheight rewards tier 4 relics. It takes 9 tier 4 relics to make 1 tier 6. Each tier 4 refines to 32 shards (x9 = 288) while a tier 6 refines to 192. You’re losing almost 100 shards right there. The thing to take away is that if you are looking for shards, then never combine and always refine immediately. Only combine if you are looking for higher tier relics for slotting or melding.

    For reference regarding the crafted relics: metalsmiths make might relics, weaponsmiths make vitality relics, jewelers make will relics, tailors make fate relics, woodworkers make agility relics, cooks make morale relics, and scholars make power relics. Stats are +10 or +20 while the morale/power ones are +50 or +100.

    One important word left out was “infused” regarding the gem shards for the quests you do for LI titles. You don’t need an adamant shard, but rather an infused adamant, for example. Don’t want confusion there. There are 4 specific damage types for class modifiers: light, lightning, frost, and fire. Light is usable by lore-masters, minstrels, and captains. Lightning, frost, and fire are usable by rune-keepers and lore-masters. Don’t get frost. It’s silly.

    For fun, here are some of my LI names. I tried to make my lore-master’s books sound book-like so there’s been Forty-Two Ways to Help, DIY Damage, and Support Role for Dummies. I named his current dps staff Princess Thwackity. My rune-keeper’s current healing satchel is Small Off-duty Moria Traffic Warden. Finally, my guardian’s current tanking weapon is called HeyListenWatchOut. I figured if anything would make mobs want to kill me, and as a tank that’s my job, it’d be sounding like Navi.

  2. Krorain /

    Digging the Zelda reference!

  3. My hunter, being the first to experiment with the LI system, had his LIs named after items from a much-loved hack & slash series, the Diablo world. His current bow is Windforce, and club is Baranar’s Star.

    Otherwise, I do enjoy a good pun for my LI names every now and then. My champ’s sword is currently “Shinging in the Rain”, while my RK has used names like “Heal Do It” and “Heal Boy Heal”.

    My final category of naming is usually just humor, tailored to fit the personality of a character. My guardian, Loonesta, is a pretty hyper hobbit, so her belts have all been associated with caffeine (currently “Pepsi Gut”). Sometimes she’ll get in trouble for her antics, hence her two-handed club being named “The Same ‘ol Loony Shtick”.

  4. Braag of Vilya /

    Thanks Tapkoh for your comments! I was always too lazy to do the math! One factoid you might be forgetting though, is that every so often you will get lucky and crit on a forging (keep that horseshoe equipped!), so that instead of getting one T4 from your group of T3’s , you might get 2,3 or 4 or perhaps more (can’t recall if 4 or 5 is the max)! That will throw a monkey wrench into your calculation and perhaps make things at least a lot closer to even! Hard to know without knowing the crit rate exactly which I think they properly keep obfuscated for a bit more mystery but great input nonetheless! Hope you found at least 1 or 2 small factoids in the cast somewhere that may have been new or at least enjoyed the discussion.

    – Braag of Vilya

  5. Great series about Legendary Items! I really want to thank the guest hosts for providing great info.

    I’ve been playing another MMO lately and after listening to episodes 44 and 45, it’s really drawn me back into the game. Not just to tool around with LIs but to really enjoy the story, as well.

    Thanks for a great ‘cast and keep up the great work!

  6. Without knowing the crit rate or buying a bunch of relics and testing it myself, I can’t say exactly, but I do not think the crit successes will make up for the amount of shards lost. That’s why I didn’t mention it.

    They previously changed the LI system when combining relics so that you no longer get more relics, but only shards on a critical combining. Sources now are saying it can be either/or, but I have not received extra relics on a critical combining lately, only shards. If you’re very lucky (critical combines all the time), it may balance out, but on the normal crit chance amount, I sincerely doubt it as your starting tier and ending/refining tier get further apart.

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