LOTRO Academy: 44 – Legendary Items Part 1


LOTRO Academy
This time Branick, Mysteri, and Krorain are here to learn as guest hosts Braag, Tomeoric, and Pineleaf tackle the subject of Legendary Items in this oft asked for, and long-awaited episode. Huge thanks go to all the guest hosts for making this episode possible, and thanks to you as well, for listening.

  • Legendary Items Historically
  • Acquiring Your Legendary Items
  • Legendary Item Potential
  • Levelling Your Legendary Item
  • Reforging Your Legendary Item


  1. Tapkoh /

    Several notes that are probably a tad too nitpicky:

    Metalsmiths make captain emblems, not champion runes. Those are from jewelers.

    The symbols of the elder king are not bind on acquire. You can trade them or sell them on the AH.

    The legendary traders that are in Moria and Lothlorien are also in Bree on the west-east path to the Prancing Pony.

    Old LIs used to randomly get 2-4 legacies at identification, not 3-5.

    Stat legacies can also be found in Harndirion in Enedwaith by bartering Medallions of the North Men and are fairly cheap at 15 medallions each. Granted, when you can have upwards of 2000 points in a stat at end game, 30+ more (which is what the regular stat legacies would get you) doesn’t seem like much; however, when you cannot level all of your legacies, some are going to be useless at rank 1 or 2 and you would get more benefit out of a stat boost. Not all are like that, but some are.

    One thing about empowerment scrolls you have to keep in mind is that they do work on all lower items. It’s not a 61-70 thing, it’s an “up to 70” thing. You can use scrolls of greater empowerment on your level 51 LI for example. Be careful about which ones you are getting in other words. Also, it’s worth noting that when you use one at cap, the points you invested in that particular legacy are refunded. If you want to re-do the whole thing, you will need a scroll of renewal, but if you are going to just reinvest in that one legacy, you don’t.

    I did not encounter this bug regarding the listings. When I use a scroll of delving, it does not list my LIs that are already at ixp level 70. When I use an empowerment scroll, it does not list legacies already at tier 6.

    People confuse the level terms a lot. I’ve gotten into the habit of referring to the “minimum level to equip” as “level” and referring to the other one as “ixp level.”

  2. Not to steal the thunder from a retired LOTRO site, but that was, literally, a tasty morsel of a conversation on legendary items. This discussion was chock full of steamy LOTRO pan drippings, of which I look forward to reheating the leftovers in a Part 2 discussion.

    I agree that a good thing to do when your first get your first LI ever is just to experiment around with it a little. Toss it from hand to hand, see how the legacies are affecting your effectiveness in battle, and just have fun with it. If you’d rather be a little informed going into it, perhaps look around on the Web for some legacy tips for your class and style.

    I guess I’d have to say that each legendary item slot for each class may be treated differently. For example, a Hunter bow will probably want to have its DPS maxed out before any legacies, as that is where the brunt of a Hunter’s punch usually comes from. However, you may decide to skip adding any DPS to a Hunter’s melee legendary item, and instead focus all points on the legacies (making a hunter’s off-hand more as a personal “buff stick”).

    Figure out what each of the legacies do, think of the skills you use the most, and spend those points in legacies to most maximize the usefulness of those skills. Oh, and share any LIs you don’t need with kimates if they need it – much appreciated!

  3. Rorgg /

    To clear up what seemed to be a couple mysteries:

    When you’re sent to identify your first LI, where you’re sent is racially based. I believe Dwarves and Hobbits are sent to TH, and Elves and Men to Rivendell.

    However, you have to COMPLETE Epic 2.1 (getting your class LI) to have access to the Forge Master and Relic Master other than as part of the quest.

    Mysteries solved.

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