LOTRO Academy: 37 – Update 5


LOTRO Academy
Branick, Mysteri, and Krorain return to talk about the changes coming in Update 5. Discussion centers mostly on the Instance Finder, but we talk about the other changes as well. Thanks for listening.


  1. The new currencies aren’t that difficult to understand. Everything now requires a specific amount of marks, medallions, and/or seals. There is no more campaign- or instance-specific marks. So yes, everything became “generic” as it was put.

    We don’t want to get rid of the muster horns. They are helpful for getting around. There are areas later on that are just a pain to get to and muster horns are a time saver. Also, some instances require that you “discover” them before you can enter. All of these conveniently have muster horns outside so you can muster people there who haven’t discovered them instead of just trying to describe the route.

    And for reference, classes can select the following roles in the instance finder.
    Wardens, champions and guardians can select either damage or defense.
    Rune-keepers and minstrels can select heal or damage.
    Lore-masters, hunters, and burglars can select support or damage.
    Captains can select any role.

  2. Mysteri /

    Wow! If there is something you want to know, just ask Tapkoh πŸ™‚ Great post Tapkoh and full of information. Thanx πŸ™‚

    Two things I have noticed since the update:
    1. If you take fireworks out of your vault to move them to another area (eg. personal vault to shared vault or chest) you can’t actually put them back. The message is that you can’t put quest items in your vault. I am wondering when fireworks became a quest item πŸ˜€

    2. I am not sure how you hand in your tasks anymore. Any clues on that?

    Thanx again for your informative post.

    Have fun
    Myst πŸ™‚

  3. The only fireworks quest item I know of is from one of the early quests you get out of Tuckborough in the Shire.

    There are no task items or boards after Eregion until you get into Dunland. So none in Moria, Lothlorien, Mirkwood, or Enedwaith yet. You can also out-level the quests. If you are 5 levels or more, iirc, above the quest level, you cannot turn in that specific task anymore. If you’re in your 50s, then you have likely passed (or soon will pass) the level for those in Eregion.

  4. By an oversight, fireworks have become a quest (and therefore un-Vaultable once taken out) item. Note that it is also a new deed to consume them (50 per type of firework). I believe it rewards Anniversary Token(s) for completing each deed. Turbine has addressed the fact that their “boundability” is a bug, and should be fixed in a future update (Source: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?426846-Something-about-fireworks…&p=5872212#post5872212)

    From what I remember, I believe they made the currency consolidations in an attempt to have players play a greater variety of instance content to get their gear. Now, you don’t have to just be playing Great Barrow instances to get your GB gear – you can play other lesser-played instances that have been forgotten, and get whatever gear you wish (unless that gear requires a certain barter currency, like the Moria set).

    As for the Instance Finder (IF), I usually like playing with people I know in terms of instances, so I don’t think I’ll be using it all that much. Note that you can certainly set it to pick a random solo skirmish, and get the bonus for using the Instance Finder. It has a 10 minute debuff from using the IF again, but by the time you finish the skirmish, that debuff should probably be gone.

  5. Belarieth /

    The thing about consolidating the currency is that you might have wanted to run the instances when they were released just to try them out, but you may have long outleveled the armour set that goes with it. Those tokens no longer have to go to waste. Also you have more leeway to run the instances you *want* instead of the one that happens to be associated with a particular armour set for your level and getting burnt out on doing that one over and over while other content gets ignored.

    While it may seem to make sense that you need a certain mark from a dungeon to get the armour set associated with that dungeon, the specialiazation previously went *far* beyond that. You need *this* kind of token to get a washing day dress. You need *that* kind of token to get a straw hat. You need something else to get your soldier to have blond hair perhaps. Those made no sense.

    Also, as you progressed, you outleveled the third marks and they became useless. Those now can be put to use for something appropriate for the level you are now. You still ran the content to get them, why not be able to reap the rewards?

    So while you, at first glance, may not have seen the need, I’m sure you can see how depending on what level you were at when the instances were introduced, and what types of rewards you are buying from the skirmish guys, you would be jumping for joy at Turbine at making the system simpler. Could they have made a middle ground? I guess so. But now I can actually use the 900 medallions I have. I had used only a handful of the special marks before that.

  6. Coffee does not increase run speed. It grants a 90-minute Item Advancement Experience Modifier of 5%, 10%, or 15% depending on the version made. There is a 1-, 2-, or 3-day cooldown respectively. The recipes have the usual Guild cooldown of 1, 3, or 7 days respectively. The Peaberry beans needed (1, 2, or 3 respectively) are crit items from farming. Bags of roasted coffee grounds are required, and I have yet to figure out how to obtain them.


  7. Avocet – Those are the guilded cook coffee recipes. There is a separate coffee recipe, found in the Westfold Adorned Cooks Scrolls that provides a run speed buff (+5% non-crit, +10% on crit). They have a level 70 requirement to use, alas.

  8. Oh! I haven’t run across any of those. They are random drops?

    Thanks for the correction, Zyngor!

  9. BTW, do you have any idea how I get the roasted coffee grounds for the Guild coffee recipes?

  10. Ah. Never mind. It apparently got added to my Cook recipes automatically.

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