LOTRO Academy: 36 – A LOTRO Dialogue


LOTRO Academy
Branick and Mysteri return from our Thanksgiving break to chat for a while about Lord of the Rings Online™. In our meandering dialogue, we talk a bit about Forochel, a bit about Moria, a bit about pumpkin pie, and a bit about a certain MMO game mechanic that makes Branick feel dirty. Thanks for listening!

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  1. I suppose pumpkin pie will depend on the recipe, and since that isn’t a common dish there it may not have been a good one.

    It’s quite possible to get people on follow stuck behind things; generally it happens by accident but it could be done deliberately… I’d also consider the possibility of leading a low level following me into a dangerous area and letting the mobs handle it for me. Taking a stable ride is a good strategy, especially since at Adso’s it’s only one silver piece, and you can dismount partway to the destination.

  2. Zyngor /

    Myst – If you open up your deed log and hover your cursor over the deed for the legendary book that you need to finish up, a pop-up with info will show where you can get the top half/bottom half. If you end up needing to go back to Misty Mountains, I’d try grinding for it from the hillmen at the Bitter Stair (northwest MM, right before entrance to Helegrod).

    The next time somebody has you on /follow, take them down to Forochel, jump in the water, then get out of the water just enough that they are still in it. Revel in glory, my friend, revel in glory.

    Oh, and feel better Myst!

  3. Tapkoh /

    The first 4 pages (as in the first 4 listed, not the first 4 you get) are found in Angmar, Eregion, and Moria. The last 4 pages come from mobs in Misty Mountains, Forochel, and Moria.

    Speaking of Forochel, there is a decent place to grind reputation items for the Lossoth north of Zigilgund, the dwarf outpost. It’s called Barad Gaurhoth & is a gauradan camp. Lots of mobs to farm for rep items.

    Using /follow is helpful at times, like when someone has to go afk and can’t afford to be left behind or when someone is dual boxing. Doing so to random people for no reason is kinda creepy, but I imagine that might be what they’re going for.

  4. Haldare /

    Tee Hee Im sitting here with a huge smile apon my face after listening to Myst chatting about Trollgrim (aka Curwe) I must add that I am indeed a slave of his, He collects people and i feel I must warn any whom happen to cross his path..He’ll Own you one way or another!!A wolf in sheeps clothing indeed!
    Tee Hee only kidding Curwe m8!! He is really a great guy who would do anything he can to help.A star player!!
    And I would like to add thank you very very much Myst for your fantastic help in getting me up to level 20 and my first DeLux Home, your a star Myst!!I owe you big time!
    Great show really enjoyed the change of pace and dont wana rush you on lol but any signs of a Legendary episode? In anticipation…Hal 🙂
    Oh I almost forgot you mentioned that you hear alot of people saying they arnt fond of Moria! well me too and I just cannot understand it the place is just jaw dropping, the sights are fantastic and Im in no rush what so ever to get out to visit the golden wood, I have leveled up a bitty to quickly so im doing quests that grant me no xp just for the fun of it! love it, I regularly find myself stoping and taking in the view! Awesome!!
    TTFN Hal 😉

  5. Mournwing /

    Well, I must say I’m quite relieved to have been sacked as Chief Eunuch, it would have happened earlier had Trollgrim noticed I’m an elf female and therefore without the required snipped off dangly bits anyhow….hey ho 🙂

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