LOTRO Academy: 32 – A LOTRO Conversation


LOTRO Academy
Directionless and without a topic, Branick and Krorain chat about LOTRO for about an hour in our most random episode ever. It may not be a typical episode, but we hope you enjoy it anyway. And as always, thanks for listening.

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  1. Hey there guys.

    Sitting here listening to the podcast and thinking that you have been doing a great job while I have been absent. This episode is no different. You have been doing such a great job, I have to wonder if you want me back and break up the boys club. (Just joking – you can’t get rid of me that easily. Well you could, but well as you mentioned, I am back next podcast. Would hate to prove you wrong :P)

    Looking forward to catching up with you both and I have been reading the emails from our listeners and comments. Thanx guys for all the comments and tips. It is great and I look forward to catching up with you all on Wednesday night LOTRO when I get holidays from work.

    Have fun

  2. Zyngor /

    Congrats to Krorain on the Moria progress – hope you enjoy getting out of that stinkin’ mine and exploring Lothlorien! And yes, go go Branick, take down Volume 1. Both of you are my champions, literally! My champ is still mid 50s and chugging through Moria, so thanks for the brief champion talk since I am still quite new to “getting” the class. To me, it’s tough to play a champion after playing a hunter, when I can do most of my damage from afar rather than up close.

    The class quests you get at 58 involve completing a couple of soloable quests, and conclude with a quest that requires you to enter one of the fellowship-sized Moria instances (depending on class) and defeat a specific boss. The most notable reward for completing this chain of class quests is a legendary trait. It’s good to check if you really do need that trait, as the required group instance content can be difficult for some to complete.

    One more thing – in answering a question, I believe you mentioned just grouping up 12 people in a raid to do normal questing. However, once you group 7+ users up and form a raid, you cannot progress with deeds or do quests (unless the quests are specifically marked as being a raid quest).

    Welcome back Mysteri [by the next show, which would now be Episode 33] – let me know if either of the boys try and mess with you – you have my bow!

  3. Draculetta /

    Great Show As Always! And Can’t Wait To have Mysteri Back!!

    Krorain Gratz on Moria Progress.. Oh Moria…
    Anyway, I too have survived the fall down the well Branick.. It’s a random thing I think, you just get lucky.. I recently took a kinmate there and had him jump (he wanted the title) and I decided to jump again with him.. I did not make it this time.. but have lived 2 times before…

    And I need to create myself on Arkenstone so I can join the academy kinship!

  4. It’s unfortunate that some people feel the need to rush to level cap; I think they are doing themselves a disservice, that LOTRO is better enjoyed in other ways. Other MMO’s have trained us to do this, and it might make sense elsewhere when most of the instances, raids, and PVP is to be found at cap. The major thing LOTRO has they don’t is the lore, and that’s not to be found only after racing to max. Let us hope they can also play on an alt, slow down, and enjoy the game.

    Mysteri, it’s good to have you back; I missed you and hopefully I’ll see you in game soon! I was also offline for a while with a broken computer, but I’ve got a new one now and I don’t outrun the game rendering anymore!

  5. Tapkoh /

    I’m taking my time through the RoI content, making sure I pick up all I can and reading through everything. That’s when I wasn’t working on the new crafting tier of course. However, I did see people hitting 68-70 Monday night when it was released and 75 within the next day or so. A lot of the people on my server who were doing this that I knew of were heavily into pvmp and end game raiding, so it makes sense for them. That’s what they enjoy and what they want to do.

    Speaking of which (pvmp that is) you do typically want at least different LIs for it. There are different priorities out there, such as slows and bleeds, that play little into most peoples’ daily pve content but are of tremendous value out there. Hamstring for champs for example.

    Some of my kinmates though did have issues reaching 75 with just the RoI content. They had to do daily repeatables or skirmish in order to get that last little bit. Haven’t gotten there myself yet, but I will be a tad annoyed if the same happens to me. I doubt most will have this problem in the future. You can easily reach 65 or higher by the end of Mirkwood and then if you do all of Enedwaith first before Dunland and beyond, then you should be hitting 75 before the end of the new content. Our problem is we did a lot of content at the former cap and lost a great deal of xp.

  6. Zimakus of Landroval /

    Hello guys and welcome back Mysteri. Great podcast as usual. I am A.K.A. Immakus on Arkenstone now and part of the Academy Kin. With having so much fun, I was reluctant to leave my main on Landroval for even the few short hours of Wednesday Night LOTRO. Mcquiggin gave me the sad puppy dog eyes and I decided to make an appearance. Wow….I have to say I had a great time. While checking out the decos in the kinhouse I made time for a nap by the fireplace. Then we went outside and a crazy lil hobbit played some tunes hopefully to the delight of his kinmates! Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next show and next gathering…which ever night you pick!

  7. Zimakus of Landroval /

    Oh and I got the taters cooked so the wife didn’t have to kill me! Just if you were wondering!

  8. McQuiggin /

    Another great show! Can’t wait for Mysteri to return, so we can have the entire crew back! Well, almost the entire crew. Caldir hasnt been around in a long time. I hope he is doing well? Not to mention Arhat (sp?) She hasn’t been around in ages!

  9. You can blaime Branick for getting me into LOTRO, since he kept talking about it in his Dragon Age podcasts way-back-when. So now I’m totally adicted to LOTRO, which is not a bad thing. I’ve been on LOTRO for three weeks, I’m up to level 30, and there’s so many things I know now, I didn’t know before. I listened to the first 20 minutes or so of this last show and it hit me that you should have a “newbie” person or section for each podcast. You can have helpful hints (like take every quest for your level so that you don’t have to keep going back and getting them one at a time) and things like that. You can also speak to the “newbie” about what are the pros and cons of each character class. I find now, that once I hit level 28 people ask me to join skirmishes (instances) but when I was below that level, I couldn’t get anyone to join me in a quest. A 65th level took a bunch of us level 21-26 under his wings and soared us through multiple quests and sirmishes we would otherwise have perished in, and I have to thank him so very much for that (Heroachillies).

    Anyone, to sum up, more clear info for the newer people would be a big help. I still feel like a newbie and I assume it will be that way for several months.

    Can you also please explain “Legendary?” What are tiers, what is the benefit (besides being able to have cool items)?

    Thanks for your inspiration, Branick.

    Kazren whose current character in LOTRO is Finulos.

  10. Loved the conversation podcast. Heard the food one also. I always learn quite a bit from you guys. Really enjoyed playing in a group on Friday as well. See you online.

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